Sunday, July 15, 2007

Separation anxiety

Someone in our house is suffering from separation anxiety - and its not Porgie.

When Porgie was itty bitty, John would often take her to the grocery store on Sunday mornings. He did this primarily so that I could have some time to myself. I was incredibly thankful for this short reprieve from my baby. Have I mentioned that Porgie cried A LOT as an infant? Oh, and she NEVER slept.

Needless to say, I loved my hour alone on Sunday mornings. But, somewhere along the way John stopped taking her to the grocery store on Sunday mornings. Instead, we started going as a family on Saturday afternoons. Since Porgie was no longer a fussy newborn, I really didn't mind giving up my Sunday morning hour of peace.

Last week, John was out of town. He was taking a class somewhere in New York state. So, Porgie and I had to spend lots of time to together. Its not that I mind, but it can be draining - physically and emotionally.

John arrived home Friday evening. Porgie was very shy around him, only wanting to be held by mommy. After about thirty minutes, she warmed up, and was happy playing with her daddy once again. I could tell that John really missed her. All weekend long, he would look at her with googly love eyes. Wanting to spend some one-on-one time with his little girl, John decided to take Porgie to the grocery store this morning.

This is when my separation anxiety kicked in. First, I tried to convince him that we could all go later in the afternoon. Then, I ran around like an insane woman getting her diaper bag ready - just in case Porgie needed ANYTHING. Then, I held Porgie like she was going away for 3 years. I kept kissing her and making John promise to drive cautiously. As John placed Porgie into her car seat, I watched from the window with a tear in my eye. I didn't want her to leave.

I don't know where these strange feelings came from, but I find it a little disturbing. Am I going to be one of those crazy moms who never let their children venture more than two feet away? Am I going to cry on her first day of school? Am I going to encourage her to live at home until she is 35? When she finally does move out, am I going to call her 4 times per day?

I think Porgie is going to have a very annoying mama on her hands.


Suz said...

Hmmm...I would probably have been completely ready for John to take her away, but it dawned on me that you were probably taking your cues from Porgie herself. Although she eventually warmed up, she was a little shy at his reappearance and you might have picked up on that initial tentativeness. Taking cues from your baby - that's a good thing!

Misguided Mommy said...

okay soooo first thing that jumps into my head YOUR PREGNANT. seriously i've been having seperation anxiety when brandon goes to the bathroom. suddenly i'm afraid no one knows how to change his diaper, and no one kisses his boo boos right and omg i'm freaking myself out. GO PREGGO HOROMONES!

Amber said...

I had major seperation anxiety with Connor when he was around that age. But I find that with each additional child it becomes less and less for me, I mean I didn't leave Connor overnight until he was 18 months but zach i left overnight at 6 weeks! But I do think your hormones are probably the main cause of this!

Rachel said...

Sometimes I have felt that with Max and it is tough because I do not want anybody to take him out of my sight. I would have to agree that hormones are playing a part but I also think it is just the Momma Bear inside of you coming out.

Eva said...

It is funny -- when the babes were tiny I definitely wanted weekend alone time, going to pilates or being alone in the house or whatever. But now (and granted, they are in daycare all week) I find that I don't really want that hour apart because it's time I could be spending with my cuties. They are way more fun than they used to be.

Eva said...

Yeah, I think you've just got some crazy pregnant lady hormonal stuff going on.

Personally, as a delightedly not pregnant lady myself, I love a little time to myself.

And maybe you were taking cues from little Porgie, too. But I'm sure they were fine and had fun.

Googly eyes--so sweet.

Lainey-Paney said...

oooh, honey....I don't know where those feelings came from either... because man, I am so thankful for 5 minutes alone during the day!

I'm thankful just to go to the bathroom by myself anymore!

Em said...

Very sweet but you are scary -LOL you need sometime to your self, could be your horomones tho!

Margo said...

You wouldn't be a momma if you weren't that way! :-)