Friday, October 30, 2009

Reasons why I kick ass

1. I made a chocolate peanut butter pie. It kind of had a weird texture, but it tasted delicious.
2. I have finished the laundry for the week. I even folded it and put it away!
3. I haven't spent any money frivolously in two weeks (okay, maybe I bought one new shirt from Target, but it only cost $10).
4. I remembered to buy birthday gifts for three of my friends, and I mailed them/gave them out in a timely manner.
5. I have been eating healthier at lunch time. No macaroni and cheese for me:(
6. I have started prepping my bathroom to be painted.
7. I have decided on a theme for Izzy's 2nd birthday.
8. And finally, I found this on the internet. Now go! Hurry! Get your kid's next Halloween costume for only two bucks!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living in the 1950's

Living in an older home is tough. My house was built around the 1950's. It is a small ranch house, typical of that era. It is kind of cute and quaint looking from the outside, but the inside is just entirely too small. We have three bedrooms, and one bathroom. ONE BATHROOM. It is ridiculous. We lived in a one bedroom, two bathroom house in KY. In some ways, I feel like we have moved backward instead of forward.

Although I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, I really don't like my house. The rooms are tiny. The kitchen is outdated. We lack modern amenities - like a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. In turn, it is really hard for me to appreciate what we have. Instead, I find myself continuously pining for a bigger and better house. But in reality, we can't really afford a bigger and better house.

My husband, on the other hand, is very optimistic about our situation. He thinks that we can transform our crappy little house into our dream home. He talks about adding an addition to the back of the house. He dreams of converting our partially finished basement into a huge family room. He wants to remove walls and open up our living room/dining room/kitchen. I have a hard time getting excited about these over-the-top plans. They sound like a lot of work. And a lot of money.

What this all boils down to, is that I need to work on appreciating what I have. My life could be a lot worse. We have food in our bellies, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. These are all good things.

In summary, I suffer from a horrible case of The Wants. I don't NEED anything, but I WANT everything.

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature. ~ Socrates

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys and Girls

I was always under the impression that gender roles were forced upon us by society. I thought that little boys and little girls were born essentially the same, and that the way we treated them determined how they behaved. I am no longer sure that this is an accurate view.

Since birth, Izzy has been the exact opposite of Porgie. She is gentle, he is rough. She is picky with her food, he will eat almost anything. She prefers quiet activities (like puzzles and coloring), he prefers active activities (like playing ball or rolling cars on the table). At first I thought it was just a difference in personality, but now I am not so sure. The qualities that define my children seem to be innate. Without poking or prodding from outside forces, Izzy consistently acts like a typical boy and Porgie consistently acts like a sweet little girl. Maybe mother nature plays a bigger role in the whole thing than I had first assumed?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My mom irritates me

My mother does this really annoying thing, where she refers to Porgie and Izzy as "our" children. For example, she wrote me an email that said, "Our baby boy is growing up so fast." I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. It is like she is laying too much claim to him. She has only seen Izzy three times since he was born. He is not "our" baby. He is MY baby.

She also likes to pretend that the kids look like her, which they don't. Shit, my kids don't even look like me. Porgie is a mini version of John, and while Izzy does vaguely resemble me, he looks absolutely nothing like my mother. Once again, I don't know why her comments bother me. Maybe I just get sick of hearing the same inaccurate statements over and over again.

And finally, my mother likes to take credit for all of my kids' admirable qualities. If someone mentions that Porgie is smart, my mother will claim that she takes after her grandma. If someone mentions that Izzy is brave and fearless, she will claim that he takes after his grandma. Gah. It makes me want to scream.

Why do I let these silly comments get under my skin?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Credit Card Debt

I have been reading a lot of blogs about getting out of debt. Many of these people have truly inspiring stories. Honestly, my story pales in comparison. We have never had any major medical problems that created debt. We have never had to repay student loans (I paid my way through college with scholarships). We have never owned a new car and have never had a car payment. However, we have managed to accumulate a lot of credit card debt. John and I have a long history with credit cards. Although I have been grateful at times for my credit cards, overall they have been nothing but trouble. They have encouraged frivolous spending and have forced us into bad situations.

When John and I bought our first house, we were poor. John was only making $10 per hour at his full time job, and I was in school full-time and working part-time for minimum wage. We didn't have much money. We could pay our mortgage and utilities, but we didn't have money for any extras. Being young and stupid, we charged goofy shit to our credit cards. I went shopping at Macy's several times per month and charged it all. John would buy a new TV or a new stereo with his credit card. We even occasionally put groceries on our credit cards, depending on how empty our bank account was. Before we knew it, we had accumulated a ton of credit card debt. We were stretched thin just paying the minimum payments on our cards. After much debate, we decided to get a home equity loan to pay off our cards. This was actually a good idea, because our interest rate on the loan was lower than the interest rate on our cards. Additionally, we had to make one payment instead of six separate payments. Over the next few years, we worked to pay off our loan and used our cards sparingly. During this time, my husband changed his career and began making more money. Also, I graduated from college and started bringing home a real paycheck. Our financial future was finally looking up.

In the summer of 2005, we decided to start trying for a baby. By September, we were pregnant with Porgie. A month later we found out that John's company was transferring him out of state. Two months later we were living in NJ, in a tiny little fixer upper house. We made some improvements to the house immediately. We replaced the carpets, painted all the rooms, replaced dated light fixtures & broken door knobs, purchased new window treatments, and bought a crib, changing table , and rocking chair for our new baby. All of these "little" expenses ended up costing us a small fortune. Although we didn't want to do it, we started using our credit cards again.

And then we had Porgie. We were royally screwed over by our insurance company. The doctor who preformed my emergency c-section was out-of-network. The pediatrician who evaluated Porgie in the hospital was out-of-network. The anesthesiologist was out-of-network. Basically, every doctor I encountered in the hospital that week was out-of-network. As a result, we owed THOUSANDS of dollars to the hospital. Thousands of dollars that we simply didn't have. Once again, we found ourselves buying groceries on credit cards.

At the end of our first year in New Jersey, we came to a startling realization - there was no way we were going to make it in NJ. The cost of living was too high. Our shitty little house in NJ cost 3 times more than our house in KY. Our property taxes were 5 times higher. Our gas and electric bills were higher. Our car insurance was higher. Basically, everything in New Jersey was more expensive. We were drowning in debt.

We had two options to solve our problems. 1) John could look for a higher paying job or 2) I could get a job and put Porgie in daycare. This dilemma was solved for us when I found out that I was pregnant with Izzy. John started looking for higher paying jobs in his field. After searching online and talking to several businesses in the area, John concluded that we were being screwed. We were shocked at how underpaid he was. His salary was great for someone living in KY, but it was completely inadequate for someone supporting a family in NJ. He went to his employer (who is based in KY) and explained the situation. Without arguing over numbers, his company met his demands and raised his salary. We were shocked and grateful.

Instantly, we were able to pay down some of our debt. We paid off all of the hospital bills. We paid off my credit card. We bought a minivan for our growing family. We even did various pricey home improvement projects (new roof, new furnace, new front door, new shed, new fence, etc.). Although we have come a loooooong way from our first year in NJ, we still have one credit card that carries a balance. A very big balance. We have been paying on this card FOREVER. And it feels like we will always be paying on this card. It is a joint card, and we have both contributed to the INSANE balance. But, I am finally ready to buckle down and get rid of this debt.

It will probably take us at least 2 years to pay off the card (I still want to be able to save a little money every month, so I am not going to sink every penny we make into repaying this debt). And when the debt is finally paid off, we are cutting up the credit cards. If we need something, we will SAVE until we can afford it. Of course, I do plan on having some extremely expensive dental work done over the next few years, so we'll still be in debt. I'll probably end up using CeditCare to finance my care. So, I guess I just lied about cutting up all the credit cards.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Being old

I am officially old. I find myself shaking my head at the young whippersnappers in my neighborhood. When did this happen? I am not sure, but I am 100% positive that I am OLD. Below, I am going to list all of the reasons why I am a senior citizen. If you do something on this list, be happy! It simply means that you're not old.

1. I hate the skinny jeans that all the teenagers wear. They look RETARDED. I know that this makes me old, because I distinctly remember my mother saying that my clothes looked goofy when I was a teenager. Old people never like the new fashion.

2. I can't stand cell phones. Well, it is not really the cell phone that I despise, it is the people who talk on them constantly. Why do you always have to be on the phone? And stop talking so loudly!

3. I think texting is the worst thing that has ever happened to children. I see kids walking down the street with their faces glued to cell phones. I find this highly disturbing. Why can't kids just play outside? Or hang out with their friends?

4. I don't find facebook or myspace appealing.

5. I only like one show on television. ONE SHOW (How I Met Your Mother, which I think is hilarious). I prefer to watch the news instead. Oh, I love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report too. But that is it.

6. I get excited when Time Magazine arrives in my mailbox. Snore.

7. I don't wear make-up anymore.

8. My boobs are saggier than they should be, and I don't even care.

9. I am always peeking out the curtains, spying on my neighbors.

10. I think about saving for retirement. A lot.

See? I am old. And I think it is irreversible, because try as I might, I just can't bring myself to like skinny jeans.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In my head

I used to be crafty. I used to crochet lots of stuff. But lately, I just haven't been feeling it. Crocheting is a chore. Something I dread doing. And don't even get me started on scrapbooking. I haven't added even one photo since Izzy's first birthday. Have I mentioned that he is almost two?

I have gotten into the habit of making dessert. It all started with a raspberry chocolate cake. Then I become obsessed with pudding. For the past 2 weeks, I have been baking and eating rum pudding cake. I figured that since the chocolate cake and pudding were so good, then combining the two must be heavenly. And it was. But now that I have had my fun, it is time to wean myself off desserts. I am going to miss you Chocolate Rum Pudding Cake. You were the best after dinner companion I ever had.

Weird question - does anyone else take their laptop into the bathroom with them? I used to read magazines in the bathroom, but now I play on my laptop. I told my husband that instead of having a magazine rack beside the toilet, we should have a docking station. Good idea - right?

I got a paper cut yesterday. Holy guacamole - it really, really hurts. The cut is on the tip of my index finger, so it hurts to type. See how much I love you? I am willing to hurt myself to blog for you.

My cousin is coming to NJ for Izzy's birthday. I am so excited! Although we talk on the phone every week, we haven't seen each other since last Christmas. I hate that we can't see each other more often, but traveling is so expensive.

I have become obsessed with saving money. I am reading several blogs on frugality. I search for coupons continuously. And I avoid going to the store, because I don't want to spend money. I never knew that saving money could be addictive.

Speaking of saving money, Christmas is fast approaching and I am looking for frugal gifts. Do you have an ideas for cheap, easy, and fun gift ideas? Most of these gifts would have to be shipped, so baking is not an option. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clinging to my baby

My little man is almost 2 years-old. It is amazing how quickly he has grown. He can do so much stuff - he just recently mastered the skill of jumping with both feet off the ground. We are all very impressed with his gross motor skills. He is such an active little boy!

While I know that he is growing and developing, I also seem to be convinced that he is still an itty bitty baby. For example, when Izzy was a newborn I used a sound machine in his bedroom. Although he isn't a newborn anymore, I have continued to turn on white noise at bedtime. It reminds him of sounds from the womb! He'll sleep better! Right? Last weekend it occurred to me that he isn't a tiny baby anymore. So, I stopped using the sound machine. And Izzy is actually sleeping better than before - he is taking longer naps and is sleeping about 15 minutes later in the morning.

I also have a very bad habit of doing too much for Izzy. I take off his jacket and shoes, without even letting him attempt to remove these items by himself. It is not impatience that causes me to do this, but forgetfulness. I just forget that he is a capable and smart toddler. In my mind, I have to take the BABY'S coat and shoes off. Izzy has rebelled against my forgetfulness, and he now screams bloody murder if I attempt to remove a shoe from his foot. And guess what? He is really good at taking his clothes off. When did he become so coordinated?

I guess I have been holding onto my little baby, even though he is struggling to be a big kid. Izzy is changing and growing right before my eyes. He doesn't need me to carry him, he wants to run. He doesn't need me to buckle him into his car seat, he wants to snap the harness together by himself. He doesn't need me to feed him, he maneuvers his utensils like an old pro. He doesn't need me to do lots of things that I used to, and it makes me sad. My baby boy has grown up too fast.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby steps

I have been trying to be more fiscally responsible. It is so hard reversing horrible spending habits. I struggle every day. EVERY DAY. However, I have implemented a few new money saving ideas.

First, I have been menu planning. Although I thought this would be a hassle, it is actually a great and easy way to save money. By planning our meals ahead of time, I am able to make detailed and thorough grocery lists. This saves me the hassle of making repeat trips to the grocery store. I don't know if you're like me, but I cannot make it out of the grocery store without spending at least $40, regardless of how much food I have at home. Also, I no longer lament that we have nothing to make, while calling the local pizza delivery place. We do still eat out once a week, but this is a huge improvement over our former habits. We were known to eat out 3 or 4 times per week. Honestly, I don't even miss eating out.

Second, we have stopped buying paper towels. I would like to claim that we did this for the environment, but sadly, it was a strictly budget based decision. We were going through a ton of paper towels. A TON. I noticed that I used them multiple times per day to clean highchair trays and sticky fingers and counter tops. I even used them to dry my hands. It was out of control. We were buying a pack every week. So finally, I decided to stop buying them all together. Instead, I have been using wash rags to clean the kitchen. I miss my paper towels.

Finally, we have started buying food in bulk. Whole Foods will give you a 10% discount when you buy a case of anything. Every week or two we buy a case of something we use frequently - like beans or diced tomatoes or pasta. We have a lot of food stored down in our basement, but it makes me feel good knowing that we saved money by buying in bulk. Also, I no longer have to think about whether or not we have beans. Trust me - we have them.

I am taking baby steps, but I finally feel like we are moving in the right direction. We are saving a little more money every month, and some day we might actually pay off our credit card. What have you been doing to save money?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Short of Patience

I am generally a pretty laid back parent. My kids are tearing up the house? Whatever. My kids are stripping their clothes off and running buck naked across the front lawn? Okay. My kids demand to walk in Target instead of riding in the cart? No problem. My weakness is whining. I can't stand it.

When the kids are whining, my entire body tenses up. It is completely and totally impossible to give the appearance of being calm. Sometimes I even catch myself balling up my fists repeatedly. I guess I developed this weird response to help release all the tension building up in my body. I probably have high blood pressure during these whining episodes too.

I also have a tendency to curse excessively when the kids are whining. I catch myself doing it all the time. For example, Izzy might be whining because he doesn't want to put on his shoes. After five minutes of watching him thrash around on the floor, I'll respond with a comment like this, "JUST GET THOSE SHOES AND PUT THEM ON YOUR DAMN FEET!" Horrible, I know. But it is like I have no control over my cursing when I am mad.

In college I did my student teaching in a kindergarten classroom. This teacher did not approve of raising your voice - even slightly. She was always the picture of calm. She would have a classroom full of LOUD and WHINY 5-year-olds, and she never lost her temper. I need to channel my inner kindergarten teacher (Have I mentioned that I hated teaching kindergarten? Those kids are annoying little creatures. And they are gross too. I have decided that 5-year-olds are only cute from a distance.).

This is something I really need to work on. I hate that I can't seem to remain calm at the exact moment when I need to be the most relaxed. I just want to be the best mother that I can be for my babies.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I might take this post down later. Too embarassing.

I am seriously considering some major dental work, which will cost a small fortune. This is stuff I should have had done when I was a kid, but unfortunately I grew up in the ghetto. Poor kids don't go to the dentist - at least not in my family. So now, as I rapidly approach the age of thirty, I am finally thinking about fixing my teeth - braces and the whole nine yards. When I met with the orthodontist, I was shocked. I had no idea that braces cost so much. I thought they would be about $3,000. They cost DOUBLE that amount. And then I have some other issues too, which will also be very, VERY pricey.

Although John has happily agreed to go along with my plan to fix my teeth, I am feeling incredibly guilty. I am not working. This is going to be a huge strain on our budget. Will we be able to afford it? Will he resent me for being such a financial burden?

The only good news is that many of these things will be done in small steps over time, so the cost will be spread out over years. Currently, I have to have a crown placed on one of my molars. Then I need to see a dental surgeon about my congenitally missing molars (I still have 4 baby molars in the back of my mouth).

I have to admit, this process is horribly embarrassing for me. Even writing this post is embarrassing. I cried after my consulation with the orthodontist. I feel incredibly stupid for having all these problems as an adult. These problems should have been corrected when I was a kid. But, if I am actually going to go through with this process, I am going to need a place to vent and complain and cry about my stupid teeth. I am going to need you, my dear readers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Deal!

As most of you know, I bought Izzy a train table for his birthday (it is currently sitting in my basement waiting for the BIG day). I have been looking around for trains, but those little fuckers are expensive. I had no idea. By random chance, I stumbled upon a Thomas the Tank Engine for $1.99 plus free shipping. I thought I would share my good fortune with the world. Go here and check it out. You are welcome.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I found a recipe for Chocolate Rum Pudding Cake, and I decided that I HAD to make this cake. The recipe called for rum, which I didn't have in the house. John and I decided to pack up the kids and run to the liquor store. John and Porgie had the following conversation...

John: "Porgie, do you want to go to the liquor store?"
Porgie: "Why are we going to the liquor store?"
John: "We need to get some booze."

Porgie stopped to think about this for a minute. Then she said, "We'll get booze for the ghosts!"

Get it? Boos for the ghosts! My baby girl is hilarious! I love kids.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Women today

I read an interesting article in one of my parenting magazines this weekend. The article focused mainly on how to balance the household chores in your marriage. This is an issue I often think about, because I get very annoyed when my husband isn't doing his fair share around the house. He really only has two chores around here - taking out the trash (which includes the litter boxes and dirty diapers) and home improvement projects. And yet somehow, he still manages to disappoint me.

For example, it is my husband's job to take out the dirty diapers. I change 95% of the diapers, so I expect him to happily haul them outside to the trash can. When the diaper pail is overflowing, I'll start nagging John about doing his chores. Then he always responds by saying something along the lines of, "Why do you assign me specific jobs? If something needs to be done, just do it." Ummmm...NO! I might do his chores periodically, but he NEVER does my chores. When is the last time he did laundry, just because it needed to be done? When is the last time he scrubbed the toilet, just because it needed to be done? When is the last time he vacuumed, just because it needed to be done? He never does any of my chores. He just ignores them.

Admittedly, I really have nothing to complain about because I am home all day. But everyone deserves a little help. Taking care of the house and kids 24/7 can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. The women who really have a right to bitch are working mothers. According to the article I read, 75% of working mothers still do the majority of the household duties and childcare. That is fucked up. Working women are still expected to cook nutritious meals, clean the house, and take care of the children.

But why? Why do women agree to do so much more than men? Is it instinct for woman to nurture and care for their loved ones, even if it is running them ragged? Or are women just trying to live up to society's expectation, which are completely unrealistic?

In my own household, I do the majority of the cooking and cleaning because I feel guilty. If John is working hard to support our family, the least I can do is straighten up the house and make dinner. And I am relatively happy with our arrangement. However if I worked full time, I think things would be much different here in Cakerwakerville. How about you? Do you and your husband split chores 50-50?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoot me now

I finally went back to the dentist tonight to have my bite adjusted. Everything seemed great when I was at the office. But after sitting home for a few hours, I decided that a tooth on the other side feels a little off. Now I am going to have to make another appointment to fix the other side. Those people are going to think I am crazy.

Sharing cavities with the world

I still haven't gone back to the dentist. My tooth still hurts. I just keep hoping that the pain will go away over the next week or two. It probably won't. Why am I torturing myself? BECAUSE I AM A JACKASS!

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about the fact that I have transformed into Suzy Homemaker. I have been baking lots of shit lately - like cakes and brownies and muffins. The really strange part is that I actually enjoy doing it. You read that correctly - I like baking. More specifically, I really like vegan baking. Although I am a vegetarian, I am not vegan. However, I really don't like to eat eggs. And I haven't purchased a carton of eggs in YEARS. So when I am baking, I usually just use a recipe from this book. I swear, this girl has the best vegan recipes EVER. Her cookies are delicious (all of them - trust me). Her raspberry chocolate cake is like a little piece of heaven on Earth. And her muffins? The best things I have ever had in my mouth. I highly recommend this book, even if you aren't vegan. In general, vegan baking tends to be healthier than traditional baking. You've got nothing to lose!

And I wonder why my teeth hurt.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tell me more, tell me more

My husband can be an annoying creature. He does lots of little things that seem trivial, but they drive me up the fricken wall. Don't get me wrong, John is a great guy. But he can still be annoying. Today I am going to share a few of his quirks...

1. I have a garbage can under the sink for recyclables. John seems to be completely and totally unable to place anything in this trash can. Instead, my lovely husband just piles everything onto the kitchen counter. Trash on the counters - every woman's dream.

2. John usually puts the groceries away after we go shopping. This is great, but for some reason he always leaves a few items on the kitchen table. For example, he will put everything way in the appropriate spot, but he'll leave a can of black beans and a tube of toothpaste on the kitchen table. This drives me insane. I have conducted experiments to see how many days he will let these items sit on the table. The answer is FOREVER.

3. We are living in the 1950's over here in Cakerwakerville. I am a homemaker. I do most of the cooking. I do all of the laundry. I do all of the cleaning. I take care of the children. And John works. Honestly, I enjoy taking care of the house and my kids. What annoys me is my husband's attitude about helping around the house. If I suggest that we clean the living room together, he whines and complains and rolls his eyes. If I ask him to hang a picture on the wall, he acts like I am ruining his entire weekend. If I suggest that he complete a home improvement project, he always wants to do it "next weekend." I think "next weekend" is code for NEVER.

Now it is your turn. How does your husband annoy you?

Monday, October 5, 2009


Remember that post I wrote about my house always being a mess? Well, I have some photographic evidence to prove my point. On Saturday morning, John and I were sitting on the couch relaxing, while the kids happily played with their toys. This was the end result...They managed to destroy the playroom in a mere 30 minutes. Apparently throwing crap on the floor is the only way to have fun.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fucking Dentist

My mother has an irrational fear of doctors. She always thinks they are going to hurt her, instead of help her. Needless to say, when I was a little girl I never went to the doctor unless I was REALLY sick - like on death's door sick. As an adult, I am not fearful of doctors. However, I seem to have a learned habit of avoiding doctors. I never go the doctor unless I am in extreme pain or I am pregnant. This applies to all doctors - general practitioners, gynecologists, dentists.

In general, I think people tend to overuse their health benefits. However, I definitely under use my benefits. I recently received a summary from my insurance company of my health costs over the past year. costs were $0. My kids, on the other hand, used thousands of dollars in health care. And I am in the process of adding Porgie to our dental insurance, because she is 3 now and should probably start going to the dentist on a regular basis.

While laying wake one night last month, I decided that I need to start using my insurance. I am not a kid living in the ghetto anymore. I am an adult who pays a shitload of money for health insurance. I need to get my money's worth! Do I want to end up like my mother, who is plagued by numerous health problems?

I decided to make an appointment to see the dentist. I had two chipped molars, which I knew needed to be repaired. However, instead of just fixing the chipped teeth, my dentist wanted to replace several of my metal fillings. He claimed that the fillings were pulling away from my teeth, letting saliva and liquid into the teeth. He explained that as water expands in the teeth, it can crack them and cause chips (like the two chipped molars I already had). So I agreed to have 4 of my fillings replaced that day.

This was the worst freaking mistake I ever made. First of all, my teeth no longer feel like they fit together properly. Second of all, my jaw has been hurting for a WEEK. And finally, I have sharp shooting pains in one of my teeth whenever I eat anything crunchy. WHAT THE FUCK MR. DENTIST?

I knew going to the doctor voluntarily was a bad idea. Maybe my mother was right all along.

Friday, October 2, 2009

mish mash

Have you ever taken pictures of your kids that you wanted to upload to your blog, but the background was so messy that you were ashamed to show them to other people? No? Well, that happens to me all the time. It is really not my fault. These kids are messy little people. I pick up toys off the floor every day. I vacuum at least 3 times per week. Yet somehow, it always looks like a tornado has just blown through here.

I attempted to make some pumpkin oatmeal cookies a few days ago. I have no idea what went wrong, but those cookie were hard as rocks. They were uneatable. I made them while I was talking on the phone with Eva, so I may have been a little distracted. Did I accidentally replace the flour with cement mix?

I had a FREE Chipotle burrito yesterday. Are you jealous? I know you are. A new Chipotle restrauant had their grand opening, and burritos were 100% off. AWESOME!

I am officially done painting the living room/hallway. Holy guacamole! It took me weeks to finish a simple painting project. But it is done - Finally! I don't plan on picking up another paintbrush for a least 23 years.

I have been feeling all nostalgic lately. I am mulling over the idea of writing more about my past. My former life was much more interesting than my current life (which is definitely a good thing).

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

She is almost ready for college

Porgie has figured out how to construct jig saw puzzles. And she is really good at it! She has several 25 pieces puzzles, which she constructs every evening. When did she get so smart?