Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am so cool **EDITED**

Did you know that I rock? Well I do. I totally rock, and I kick ass.

Dooney awarded me with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Because I ROCK! Now it is my duty to nominate five more bloggers that rock. This is a surprisingly hard - you all ROCK!

Nonetheless, I selected five blogs to nominate. You should definitely go over and check them out. BECAUSE THEY ROCK!

Eva from Antropologa is completely awesome. She has just taken her baby to Sweden. On a twelve hour flight. And her little girl only slept for TWO hours. Eva definitely rocks. Additionally, she is probably the sweetest person I know.

Amber from My Own is one amazing woman. She has three young children and still manages to blog on a fairly regular basis. She is my super hero. I am always looking to her for inspiration when I start panicking about baby number two.

Bon from Crib Chronicles is the smart girl in the group. Her writing is very interesting, and always seems so important. I am totally jealous of her writing style, because it ROCKS. You HAVE to check out Bon's blog. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Shannon from Misguided Mommy posts more frequently than any other blogger I know. She is always interesting and always talkative (which I love). She is currently pregnant with baby number 2, and we're due about a week apart from one another. Personally, I think our babies will be born on the same day.

Em from Diary of Baby Billy is from England. She is always talking about fun things like tea and biscuits and beakers. It is always fun trying to figure out what the hell she is talking about. She posts lots of pictures and videos, which I thoroughly enjoy viewing. By the way, her baby is super cute.

All of these blogs rock - go check them out! NOW!

I forgot to mention that the nominated bloggers have to nominate five more blogs that ROCK!


Eva said...

How totally exciting! You made my day! And congrats!

Amber said...

Aaww, thanks Christy! And congrats to you as well! Cuz we all already knew that you rock!

Misguided Mommy said...


Bon said...

i totally suck for being so late to say my gracious thanks...!

much appreciated, dude.

now if i could just get #^$*& Wordpress to give me back mah buttonz, i could show off my nice pink blingz for this award. bah.