Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been beaten up

As my belly expands, I have become more and more aware of blows to my abdomen. Specifically, blows to my abdomen from my rambunctious toddler. She is quite abusive at time, and I am not sure of how to correct this behavior.

At swim class, I have noticed that Porgie tends to do lots of kicking and splashing. Because I am holding her, many of these kick are directly toward my stomach. I've tried holding her in different positions, but she still manages to get a few really good kicks in before the end of class.

At home, Porgie likes to cuddle. Except, she doesn't just sit idly on my lap. She rams her head into my stomach multiple time and then tries to climb up my abdomen. Of course, she uses my belly as a stepping stool. It almost like she can't get close enough to me, so she just keeps squirming and wiggling against my body.

During the day, I have been trying to rest on the couch for short periods of time (to help alleviate my high blood pressure). Porgie likes to lay on the couch with me. And of course, she also likes to kick my belly repeatedly. I have tried placing her in other positions, but she isn't content until she is curled up next to my belly.

I realize that babies are well protected in the womb, but I can't help but worry a little.


Eva said...

Yeah, my baby does the same kind of thing, especially trying to scale me like there's a prize to be found on my back or something.

I guess I don't mind because nobody is living in my uterus

I can see why you're worried. Maybe you could strap a pillow on your tummy? Only semi-kidding. Or take this as an opportunity to become a hard-ass disciplinarian? Try to redirect her attention to a large doll?

Good luck! I know my blood pressure would be high, too, if I had a small person attacking my pregnancy tummy all the time.

Anonymous said...

Izzy will be fine, it's AFTER he's born that you'll have to worry.

As Joe was tucking Maggie into bed last night, she was saying her prayers and she quickly added at the end, "Oh, and Dear God, I promise I won't push William over anymore."

Yeah, I'l let you know how *that* goes.

Eva said...

I can imagine that being a little stressful. On the other hand, S&J kicked each other for 8 months in utero and turned out fine (and we know, because every time I had an ultrasound, someone was kicking someone in the head!). Of course, it probably doesn't feel great to you, because you aren't surrounded by tons of fluid to protect you from the blows!

Eva said...

This reminds me that we are in serious need of a BELLY PIC!

Anth said...

Sibling rivalry, already. Sheesh.

Rachel said...

Well I am sure it is ok but of course women like us worry. How bad is the BP?