Monday, June 30, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 18

So, I got a new bloggy look. Very summery and fresh! I went to Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates - and Lena IS fabulous! I have a link to her on the left sidebar, if you are interested.

I really want patio furniture for our deck. Porgie loves playing out there, and I end up sitting on kiddie chairs. We almost bought a patio set this past weekend, but my husband is a picky ASSHOLE. We seen a 5 piece set for about $300, but John whined and cried about the chairs, so we didn't buy it. So, while he is at work all day, I'll be sitting on kiddie chairs in the sweltering heat. Thanks John!

Did you know that your children can have different personalities? And napping schedules? And food preferences? You did? Well, why didn't anyone tell me? Since the day Izzy was born, I have expected him to be exactly like Porgie. I was shocked when he didn't look like her at birth. I was amazed when he actually wanted to nurse. And I was astonished when he gobbled up a bowl of pureed peas this weekend. In summary, my children are actually two DIFFERENT people.

I have to get Izzy on a better napping schedule. Although I have been putting Izzy to bed around 7:00 pm every night, he still wants to sleep until 8:30 or 9:00 the next morning. Then his nap schedule does not coincide with Porgie's nap schedule. And this means that mama doesn't get a break. And this means that mama is cranky. And this means that the babies are cranky. And this means that life sucks ass.

Last night Porgie took her baby doll for a walk around the block. It was too freaking cute. She was being very nurturing and loving, stopping periodically to check on her baby. I would show you a picture, but I am the jackass mother who NEVER remembers to bring her camera.

I really want to go to the beach this summer, but it is probably not going to happen. The nearest beach is about an hour away, and with our current nap schedule, we would never be able to make it home in time for bed. We thought about renting a house for a week, but where would the babies sleep? I don't own a Pack n' Play or a portable crib. So, I guess we are not going to the shore this summer. I am very sad.

We have several rooms in our basement. One of the rooms is our office. John and I rarely go down there, because we both use laptops. Anyways, I was searching the house for Izzy's scrapbook (it has been missing for approximately 8 months). I decided to check the office. I opened the door, and was greeted by one of my cats. He frantically ran out of the office and started gulping water from his dish. He had been locked in the office for TWO days. We are horrible, horrible owners. I am so thankful that I went down there. And in case you were wondering, I did not find the scrapbook. I am convinced that someone has stolen my scrapbook.

Speaking of stolen things, I think someone stole my new pair of flip flops too. I could swear that I put them in the closet, but they are nowhere to be found. Why do people keep stealing all of my stuff?

I almost forgot - Danielle won the "what is Izzy eating?" game. He was chomping on sand. I think I need to make a new rule - If I post a picture of Izzy eating something, it is NOT food.


The Woman said...

In the recent storm my patio table was blown over by the play house and the playhouse was blown over on its side, bye bye patio table. Darn it I miss that thing

Greg said...

Whoa!!! Your new blog layout looks frickin SWEET!!!!!

Jenn said...

Sand,yum yum! Funny how much dirt they try to eat! Have a good day!

Marni Tiani Self said...

:) Good rule. Even though I could never win.

That sucks about the toddler chairs... I want a patio set super bad too.


I got new patio furniture for my b-day last year...I love it, but there is only one chair left without dog chew marks on it!

amanda said...

*want me to start a petition to john about the new patio furniture?

*child #2 scares me for that exact reason.

*can you reenact the baby pushing the baby doll scene?? too cute :)

*sorry about the thief in your house. flip flops and the scrapbook?? i am sure they will both turn up in some random place. always happens to me too.

*sand?? oh honey!!

have i told you lately that i love when you do this?? bc i do.

Awake said...

I also heart the new layout. Cute.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't have any good advise to give you about the napping schedule as I only have 1 kid. Benadryl, maybe? I know....I know...I was only partly kidding....
Poor kitty. I swear...I had to start doing a headcount everynight to make sure I hadn't locked the cats somewhere....they are so slick and then they sleep all day...geez!!!

Eva said...

You can find pack n plays super cheap at thrift stores. Maybe you could even borrow one! Or I guess two! Or buy some and then return them?

Poor kitty. Glad you found him!

I have heard that children can differ, but I guess you have to live it to believe it.

Jeninacide said...

Coleton is not on any kind of nap schedule. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I take him everywhere with me regardless of what time it is (during the day- obviously not at night)... I would just take them to the beach. They can sleep in a big bed, or something? Right? Wrong?

Terrible parent-----> Jen.

Tracey said...

That's too bad about the beach... Maybe you could leave super early in the morning, and have them nap in the car on the way home? I have never had 2 babies at once before, so I have only had to deal with one napper at a time...

Dana said...

i love your bloggy makeover.... it's too cute!

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

Oh, sorry, I stole your flip flops-they fit perfectly-thanks:)

I have the scrapbook too. I will return that for a price.

The flip flops however, yeah, those are mine.

Tabitha said...

I think that you should go on strike until your husband buys you those patio chairs ~ a girl needs somewhere decent to sit on a sunny afternoon!!!!

I really hope that you find a way to get to the beach ~ it would be great for you (saying that ~ I live about a 20 minute drive from the beach and we hardly go at all ~ we are mad!!!).

So glad that you found your kitty ~ I bet he was very pleased to see you!!

I really love your new blog look ~ and the photos are so cute!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXX

dani said...

hi, christy:)
it's my first time here; but, i'm going to jump right in and tell you that you really should go and buy the patio furniture. just tell your husband that the purchase was in lieu of your renting the house at the beach for the week.
if he really wants to vacate to the beach, he will step up to the plate regardless of your purchase:)
dani xx
ps porgie and izzy are adorable!!!

Mama Kalila said...

I love the new look. & I feel you on the nap thing... Kalila was determined not to nap this morning, took her other but is tired already so we'reabout to have a late one

Becks said...

Oh you just made me laugh! I have been a bad blogger friend and disapeared for a while out of sheer lazyness. I can so relate with you. I love that you called your husband an asshole. You are more ballsy than I am. lol. I have been whining/complaining about needing a patio table umbrella. I still have no umbrella. curses.

AND I LOVE your new blog layout!!

kristi said...

I want furniture too!!

My hubs SWEARS that my sister comes over and steals his things. He is a lunatic. She has taste...she would steal my things. :)

kristi said...

I want furniture too!!

My hubs SWEARS that my sister comes over and steals his things. He is a lunatic. She has taste...she would steal my things. :)

Danielle said...

Hooray! I am so happy I won. Like does suck ass. Eliza won't friggin nap ever! That makes Eliza and mommy cranky.

Danielle said...

sweet layout by the way. LOVE IT!

Rachel said...

Great post. I do have a pack and play that you could borrow if you go. Let me know. Sand-Izzy is so damn funny.

Rachel said...

i also love the new look.