Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 17

We have been having some napping issues lately. My darling daughter doesn't want to take a nap anymore. I put her to bed around noon, and she plays and laughs and rolls around in her crib for hours. Some days she completely refuses to nap. Other days, she won't fall asleep until 2 pm. When she won't fall asleep until 2 pm, she doesn't want to go to sleep at night until 9 or 10 pm. I am a selfish mommy, who likes to have some baby free time, so I want her to go to sleep around 7:30 pm. I am confident that she still needs her nap, so I am not really sure how to remedy this problem.

I don't understand why some bloggers use comment moderation. What is the point? Even if someone leaves a comment that I don't agree with, I never delete it. Maybe you could explain its benefits to me?

I also don't understand why so many people have that stupid word verification activated on their blogs. I understand that it prevents spam comments, but seriously, how many of you have been getting lots of spam comments?

I am convinced that Izzy hates all pureed foods. In the past month or two we have tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, pears, sweet peas, and squash. And Izzy disliked all of them. After about 2 bites, he clamps his mouth shut. If you keep pestering him to eat, he will cry. But give the kid some cheerios or crackers, and he excitedly craves them in his mouth. This would be fine, except I am starting to suspect that Izzy is allergic to wheat.

Now that Porgie's hair is getting a little longer, I had been getting that overwhelming urge to put bows and ribbons in her hair. I purchased a few clips from Target, but they kept falling out of Porgie's hair. One day I was reading Cagey's blog, and she mentioned that she uses No Slippy Hair Clippys in her baby girl's hair. According to her, they actually STAY in wispy baby hair. So, I bought Porgie a bow...
And Cagey was right - these bows actually stay put. I decided that Porgie needed a few more bows to accommodate her wardrobe. So, I ordered these bows this past weekend...
Although these bows are fabulous, I must warn you that they are INSANELY expensive. I bought the first bow at a baby boutique for $12. I bought the second two bows from the No Slippy website for $8 a piece.

I already have a farmer's tan.Okay, maybe it is not as bad as that guy's, but I still look silly.

I gots to go. Peace out homies.


Danielle said...

I am totally with you on the naps! and the early bed time but Eliza had proven to be difficult as well. I hate the captcha word verification things. GGRRR It takes me so long to comment on blogs that have them. I usually get it wrong the first bajiliion times.

Dooneybug said...

The nap thing...I've been dealing with a similar issue with my son. However, stick with it because it's probably a phase. My son just came off a no nap jag of TWO WEEKS where he napped twice that entire time. Then this past week? He's napped every day! Porgie could be going through a development stage so her brain is just so active she can't sleep during the day. Just keep putting her down for a nap. Even if she doesn't sleep, the quiet time will do her good. And hopefully after a little bit, she'll go back to taking her regularly scheduled naps!

We use the No Slippy Hair Clippys in my daughters non-existent hair as well. And they are FABULOUS! I'm trying to figure out if I could reproduce them but it's probably more work than I'm willing to do so I'll just keep paying $50 a clip. :)

amanda said...

sorry bout the napping. i totally get needing baby free time.

to be honest i have no idea why i have comment moderation on?

sorry bout izzys food "issues". really hope he isn't allergic to wheat - poor guy.

love the bow tip. gonna have to check them out.

the farmers tan picture - seriously gross. thanks for making me gag.

Melain said...

Sounds like Izzy is a texture man! I can relate to that. I hope to GOD he's not allergic to wheat. I have a friend with Celiac Disease and it's SO LIMITING!

Jenn said...

I love it when kids go to bed early and sleep all night! My new baby doesn't ! As for the comment thing I always post what anyone says, but I have it incase someday my ex or his little girlfriend ever find my blog and decide to say something, because if they did I'm sure it wouldn't be something I would want anyone else seeing! He's a DH like that !

Amanda said...

I love the farmers tan! I think it's so sexy!!!! ( gag )
Callum gave up his naps during the day when he was around 2.5 yrs, and i totally agree with time for Mummy.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Kudos! I hate the word verification and comment moderation crap. Turn it off.

Dana said...

I hate the moderation thingy also... It is annoying!!!!

Sorry you are having naptime difficulties... Hope it gets easier!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the naps too! I dread the day Z quits taking them.

I don't know why I have the word verification on either...hmmm.....

The bows are very cute. Z has enough hair for them...and he would probably like them too. :)

Heather said...

You mean they are supposed to take naps?! Please, please tell that to my 2 year old!

As far as the comment moderation-do you really want to know? Ok, here it is-I have a psycho (seriously!) sister in law and for awhile she was sending me nasty emails about how I copy her blog (yes, serious again!) so I decided to put the comment moderation on in case she did something nasty on my blog. She had already mentioned on her blog how her kids "don't really care to play" with my kids so I decided this would be safer so she couldn't say rude things on my blog. She's just great isn't she! I did take the comment moderation off though. I think she's done being least for now. We'll see.

If you ever see rude comments on my blog-they are probably from her!

Tabitha said...

Hi Christy ~ Love the hair clips, they are so cute!!
I have the comment moderation on and the word verification, mainly because I have heard of people having not very nice comments left on their blog, or rude comments ~ which I would prefer not to print (I believe in freedom of speech and freedom to comment, but would prefer nothing rude etc appeared on the blog!!). The word verification is just there because I didn't want spam ~ but it does annoy me ha ha!!!
Hope you are well,
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Rachel said...

As for the naps-you are so not selfish. I would lose my mind. I am not sure why she is not napping. ugh-that would make me crazy.

Mary said...

I don't get the comment moderation or word verification either. If someone wants to say something mean to me in comments, then go right ahead. I have better things to do than moderate comments!

As far as the bows go, you should tell me what colors you want for Porgie. I am insane and make tons of bows for Claire. When we visited my parents I made *blush* 39 new bows. Yes, I am insane, but she looks really cute in the bows!

Tracey said...

The bows are adorable! A bit expensive, but honestly? My sister makes them and after the cost of the ribbons, glue, clips, doo-dads, and time and effort, 8 bucks is a good price! Especially if it stays in her hair and you don't lose it!

Misguided Mommy said...

uggg i havent been able to read blogs in ages lets see..

I just started brandon in day care, i think its harder on me then him, but, he's having a hard time adjusting...i;m glad i did it though

codi will not touch puree foods with a ten foot pole. he loves solids like bagel, bread, pretzel, those little gerber rice puff snacks (gluten free!!)

codi goes through periods of sleeping well and then screeming all night from teething

I WANT HAIR BOWS!!! think codi will mind

i use the word verification because i have gotten spam, then, when you delete them it leaves people wondering if the deleted comment was a spammer or just a comment you don't like, i'd rather not have people thinking i'm deleting comments i dont agree with.

~melinda~ said...

i get so pissed when i screw up the letters or numbers or whatever on a verification. sometimes it makes my comment totally disappear.

maybe i'm grateful for ANY comments at all, even if they are spammy.

Eva said...

I am with you on the blog protocol issues.

As for the hair we do headbands.

I have been avoiding a farmer's tan mostly by doing lost of sleeveless or dorkily rolling up my s

Eva said...

uh, rolling up my sleeves.

Awake said...

Just an FYI - because I'm obsessed with clips that actually stay in my daughter's hair - there's a ton of Ebay sellers that make clips with no slip grip. But, I'm warning you, it is addictive!

Amber said...

Those bows are adorable! But yes a bit on the expensive side but if you don't mind spending the money and they look cute on her then great!

Greg said...

At Ellie's daycare, they have quiet time everyday from 1-3pm. They are not allowed to play with the toys and make a lot of noise. They do not HAVE to take a nap, but they do have to lay down and watch a movie and be quiet.

At home, I continue with this "quiet time" thing that goes on at daycare. After lunch we go into the living room, lay on the floor with a pillow and blanket (like they do at daycare), put on a movie, close the blinds, and then it is quiet time. I don't Ellie that she has to sleep, but I do enforce quiet time. No playing with toys, no coloring. Just laying quietly and watching a movie.

Usually she is out within 15 minutes of starting the movie!!

Hope this helps:)

Mama Kalila said...

I missed this post! How dare I...

How old is Porgie again? I've heard some kids start skipping naps early. One of my cousins has a two year old that she can't put down for one already! Barring that no suggestions here... You already know my problems in that area lol.

I don't understand the moderation thing either!!! But I suppose if someone gets hateful comments it could be helpful. There's one blog I read that had to start for that reason now that I think about it.

I wish someone had told me I had the verification on mine, I didn't know until recently. I took it off, so if it pops back up PLEASE let me know! I hate those things w/ a passion and don't want to do that to anyone else.

Have you tried making the fruits and veggies into finger foods? Peas work well left alone lol.. Carrots cut very small, sweet potatoes made into fries in the oven.. check out I know you don't cook, but these are pretty simple/explained well. Plus I believe jars should make finger foods right? Guessing on that lol Or if not you can take purees and dust them w/ crumbs in small balls (but I suppose if he's allergic to wheat that wouldn't work).

The bows are adorable and the tan thing made me laugh... My husbands got one pretty bad too.