Friday, June 20, 2008

Day in, day out

Lately I seem to be posting a lot of pictures and very few... um WORDS. I guess it is because of my current life style, which involves lots of naps and nursing sessions. Because I want you to understand why I have nothing to write about, I am going to outline a typical day in Cakerwakerville.

John leaves for work at an absurd hour. So I never see him in the morning.

7:30 - I awaken to the sound of TWO babies babbling. Izzy sounds a little distressed, but Porgie sounds like she is having a really fun time in her crib. I get up, nurse Izzy and change his diaper. Then I change Porgie's diaper, make her breakfast, I eat something, and I usually feed Izzy some cheerios.

9:00 - Izzy has turned into the world's fussiest baby. He is whining and crying and just generally getting on my nerves. So, I take him back to his room and nurse him to sleep.

9:30 - I return to the living room to find that Porgie has pulled EVERY SINGLE toy from her toy box. Then she starts whining for me to open her box of blocks, so she can dump those on the floor too. We play with the blocks and toys for a little while. But then Porgie turns into the world's fussiest toddler. Time for a snack.

10:30 - I put on a Blue Clue's DVD and attempt to feed Porgie a snack. Within minutes I hear a little baby screeching in his crib. I run back to rescue Izzy from his crib, and then finish feeding Porgie her snack.

11:00 - I put Izzy in his highchair and attempt to feed him some squash. Things do not go well, and I end up with a distressed baby. Because eating food is torturous!

11:30 - I start making lunch for Porgie. I take the easiest route possible and make her some tofu and pasta (her favorite).

12:00 - I take both babies out onto the deck. Porgie plays in her sandbox, while I navigate food into her mouth. Izzy absentmindedly chews on a sand box shovel.

12:30 - I change Porgie's diaper, read her three stories, and put her to bed.

1:00 - Izzy and I watch a Baby Einstein DVD together. Sometimes I sneak onto the computer to check my email.

1:30 - I nurse Izzy to sleep.

2:00 - A break - FINALLY! I sit down, relax, eat lunch, and blog.

3:00 - Porgie has been awake for about 20 minutes, so I go get her. In the process, I manage to wake up Izzy.

3:30 - We play in the playroom or on the deck. Sometimes we go to the park. Sometimes we go to Target. Porgie usually eats a snack somewhere around this time too.

4:30 - Izzy wants to nurse. Sometimes he takes a third nap (yay!). But more often than not, he refuses his third nap.

5:00 - I call John and asked him when he'll be home. His answer usually pisses me off, and I end up hanging up on his. Yes, I am a BITCH.

5:30 - I start Porgie's dinner. If I am feeling really ambitious, I will attempt to feed Izzy again too. Doesn't happen too often.

6:00 - I feed Porgie dinner. John usually gets home around this time. Of course, we play that old game where we keep asking each other "what do you want for dinner?" This can go on for about an hour.

6:45 - We just decide to order in, and then take the kids for a quick walk around the block.

7:00 - We give the kids a bath and read 3 books. Porgie goes into her crib, while I nurse Izzy to sleep. Izzy goes into his crib, and I am home free!!!

8:00 - I put on my jammies, eat dinner, and relax. I usually blog, watch a little TV, and sometimes I even scrapbook. I am terribly behind on scrapbooking. I am only on the 9th month in Porgie's book, and I just started Izzy's book. In fact, I just got done putting in my ultrasound images!

10:30 - I go to bed. Sometimes I go to bed a little earlier, because Izzy still wakes up 2 or 3 times per night to nurse.

Are you still reading? Damn, that was boring! But that is my life, dear internet friends.


Heather said...

Holy crap! That sounds just like my day-only add in the hour fight that I have with my 2 year old about taking a nap!

I am SO glad to hear that I am not the only mama that nurses her baby to sleep. I can't help it, it's just easier and I enjoy it!

Oh the lives we lead, huh:)

Trailboss said...

I am proud of you for nursing your baby. I too nursed both of mine but had trouble and put them on the bottle at 6 weeks. Seemed I never could make enough milk. But they got it as long as I could make it.

Reading this post wore me out! The Lord gives us our children when we are young for a reason. I would have a hard time w/that schedule at my age! I'm not saying I couldn't do it, but it would be a challenge.

Amanda said...

It's hard work. Andrew was only 2 when my twins were born, so i understand how you feel, no your day does not sound boring, it sounds normal!!!
Love Amanda xx

amanda said...

you, me and heather really should be neighbors!! bc hello i think we are on the same exact schedule.

well i guess i am short one kid. but still -i get it!!

especially the calling to find out "what time you will be home hang up on you" phone call!! aghhh :)

silly boys!!

Mama Kalila said...

That doesn't sound boring - it sounds familiar... only like the last comment, I'm short a kid... and the trip out lol. It's way too hot for us to walk anywhere anymore and no car... but still. Life revolves around baby. I shouldn't even be on right now.. things to do (procrastination is my middle name) while she naps!

Anonymous said...

Well, I always heard being a mommy was a thankless job. But it IS the most rewarding...its a good thing and a bad thing that the first year goes by so fast.

I have to give you kudos though because I only have 1 child and I still have not started his scrapbook...he's almost 20 months old. Oh, I have all the materials and know how I want most of the pages and the pictures are all sorted and filed. That's about as far as I've gotten though.

Eva said...

You're right. That's a lot of napping!

Tabitha said...

That is just what my life was like too ~ luckily both mine are at school now ~ but the meal times are still a fight (ha ha!!). They grow up and then you are faced with a whole new set of issues!!

You are definitly one very busy Mummy!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Awake said...

Well, this was a good primer for me in about 5/6 months. :)

Random Question: what do you add, if anything, to the tofu and pasta? I've made it before but never knew what to add. Just sauce or other things? Thanks

Rachel said...

That is not boring at all just busy. I can't even imagine what two will be like but I am hoping that I can deal with it as well as you can. HUGS

Tracey said...

I remember those days... Hey! It was today! Hmmm.

Just change the ages and subtract the diapers and you have our house.

THopgood said...

And I'm finding that it never gets easier. You just get busy doing different types of playing referee and chaufering and doing homework. *sigh*

Dana said...

holy crap is right!! what a busy, busy, BUSY day... I think I should start calling you Super Mom!

Melain said...

That's a pretty typical day for a mommy with little ones. I'm impressed that you would have time and energy to scrapbook at the end of a day like that! I behind about 4 years.

Jenn said...

I use to do that too with three all two years apart so usually there was always at least one awake. I'm glad now they are all older and it's just one little one but it's still all about what he wants and my husband and I do the same dinner time thing until one of us (me) gets too mad and says I don't care and hangs up since he never gets home till almost 7-8. Hope you have a good weekend!

Danielle said...

It was interesting to me! Eliza only sleeps about an hour a day so I never have any time. I can't imagine doing it with two little ones- but still plan to get preggers sometimes in the fall. It sounds like you are an awesome mom. I am glad I am not the only one to bitch at my husband about what time he will be home. I start to go a little nutty at around five!

Becks said...

I can relate! I know I only have one baby..but the day sounds similar. I love to scrapbook. I have done only 3 pages for my lil girl. When I was pregnant I did an entire book for my nephew of his first year. Poor Sophia gets jipped. Sometimes it's just too much effort to get everything ready and put away. Also I don't feel as creative as I used to..hmm could be the lack of sleep.
Sophia went through the eating is a nightmare stage too. She is now over it and screams if I don't get the food in her mouth fast enough!


I didn't even finish reading because 1...keep me in the head if I ever complain to day look similair except I only change 1 kid's diaper and I have to add pretten attitude and lots of driving to activities...probably a wash eh? ANYWAY 5:00 MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD...I am the same way! My hubby leave at 4am and never knows when he is going to be done... sometimes he doesn't know what DAY he will have off....I get pissy to and hang sad..sometimes I say HAVE FUN before I hangup! I love being the mommy but I get jealous of him only taking care of 3 hours on the lawnmower 3 straight hours of alone lukcy bastard...thanks for the great laugh!