Friday, May 1, 2009

A little more

I was hesitant to tell the story of how John and I started dating. I feared that the story made me sound like a whore and made John sound like an impotent asshole. None of which is true. I hope you were able to find humor in our boring little tale. It is not really a story I can tell people face to face, because it is just kind of...weird. And a little too much information for people who aren't good friends. But I find it amusing.

Other facts about Johnny and me...
1. John is 7 years older than me.
2. When we first started dating, I told my mother that John was my gay friend, so she would stop pressing me for details about our relationship.
3. John quit working at the pizza place a few months after we started dating. I worked there for two more years, until the little hole-in-the-wall restaurant closed down. It is now a Starbucks.
4. When we moved in together in 2000, we actually bought a house.
5. In January of 2005, we were taking a trip to Baltimore. At the last minute, we decided to get married. Just the two of us - no family, no friends. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it.
6. We were married on the inner harbor, right in front of the USS Constellation...7. The following summer, we decided to start trying for a baby. We started in June. I got pregnant in September. Porgie was born the following June.

And I think you guys know the rest of the story.

I am trying to get John to write his own version of how we started dating. I stole this idea from Kate. I think it would be really neat to read the story from his perspective. But he is lazy, and will probably never get around to it.


Jeninacide said...

I wanted to elope sooo bad! My mom made me have a wedding. At least the pictures are nice, though.

Danielle said...

I thought the story was awesome. I have had my share of wild husband on the other hand is straight as an arrow. I think it was a great idea.

Christy said...

Aw I think it's a great story and I'd love to hear his perspective too. Show him the comments from this post and I'll bet he caves!

Amanda said...

I love hearing how couples meet!
Amanda x

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Boy do I know that lazy never get around to it part. I asked my husband to fill out a book for me like 4 years ago, it's still in his nightstand.


Now for the others:

1. Will is 7.5 years older than I. ;-)
2.We went our first date while I was seeing another guy in April 2001.
3. We slept together a month later, just a few meetings after.
4. We "officially" got together a week after that.


Midwest Mommy said...

I loved your story! One day if I am brave enough I will share how the hubs and I met, lol. It's not bad but it's also not something I tell people. I usually just say a friend introduced us.
I have to say the more you write the more I believe we are twins. The hubs is 7 years older than me too! I am 29 and he is 36.

anymommy said...

It's a lovely story - and it would be fun to read his version of things!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Actually - you got the idea from CHRIS! Since he was the one who wanted to write the he said/she said thing. I have since told him to get his own blog.

Tell your lazy husband that he can give you that story for mother's day. How convenient to have a present-worthy day right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I loved the story! and tell that hubby to get on it! I want to hear his side! :)

Jenn said...

I got married just the two of us the second time around and it was sooo much better then a big wedding and we still had great pictures and a lot nicer time just the two of us !

Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged !

dani said...

i love your snippets, christy!!! you are so funny:P
dani xxxx

Nancy said...

I didn't feel like the story made either one of you look bad. It was an unlikely love story. I love that he wasn't looking for a girlfriend and you wanted to avoid him. It just shows you two were meant to be together.

amanda said...

your wedding location is one of my most favorite places EVER!! it's sooo beautiful right there!

Jiff said...

I LOVE your story!

My husband is 2 years older than me, but we slept together on our first night together and he and his son's mother were still living together. Granted, they weren't speaking to each other for quite some time, but still. I guess it makes me look slutty. lol

Tabitha said...

I personally loved the story ~ it is great to hear how people meet etc ~ and it is fantastic that you just decided to get married and did it just like that!
If (and that is a big IF....) ~ I were to ever get married again, that is soooooo what I would do!
Love and hugs Tab XXXX