Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Blogging is a strange thing. I get sentimentally attached to you guys, even when you have basically given up on blogging. I took a long hard look at my list of feeds in Bloglines last night. I was shocked that I had so many blogs in my reader - nearly 70. I was even more shocked when I realized that some of these people hadn't updated since November of 08'. That is just crazy. Why do I still have these blogs in my reader? Maybe it is because I feel like I am friends with these random strangers. We have never met, and you never update me on your life anymore, but we are still friends - right? So, as hard as it was, I made some cuts last night. I am down to 43 blogs. Not too bad.

But I want to find a few more good reads. If you are reading this, I probably already read you. So, I want to hear some good recommendations from little old you. Is there a blog out there that is AMAZING? I want to hear about it! Is there a blog there that is HILARIOUS? I want to hear about it!

To kick off the party, I am going to link you to one of my favorite reads. I love Crib Chronicles. This is one of the most well written blogs I have ever read. Bon seriously needs to write a book, because she has talent. Go check her out!

Your turn.


Jeninacide said...

My mom's blog is pretty good, actually. Lifeinthesecondhalf.blogspot.com. She also has some links on her page to other really good blogs. I like this one: http://stepforddreams.blogspot.com/. I have found a lot of good blogs lately by reading the "Blogs of Note" that are showcased in the blogger dashboard.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I clicked over to check her out. Let me think on that and I will get back to you.

Oh and my secret is up! ;-)

Tabitha said...

I know what you mean ~ we all become kind of friends and it is hard to delete those links ~ I have had to do the same!
There are lots of blogs that I read that I love ~ they are listed in the side bar of my blog ~ so come on over and have a look (if you like!!).
I will click on that link and go have a look at that blog you mentioned!
Hope the sickness has moved on from your house now.
Love and big hugs Tab XXXX

amanda said...

is it wrong that i just came to steal your suggestions??

i am kinda out of the cool bloggy loop - i mean i love everyone i read, but pretty sure you read them all too.

so bring on the links!

amanda said...

oh and ps - hope everyone is feeling better today. including the crabby neighbor :)

Missy Marshmallow said...

I am no help because you are actually one of my favorite bloggers. You update everyday and are able to always make me laugh day in and day out. Keep it up.

kristi said...

I hate it when bloggers disappear and don't say a word. I worry!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just posted one on my site today, in fact. Drop by and take a look..

Mama Kalila said...

I have the same problem. I can't quite get rid of anyone for fear they'll start writing again and I'll miss out on something good.

Doing this here, because I've done a similar post in the past and most of the blogs are the same lol

I think you read one of my fav's - a college friend of mine. Our La Vida Loca or Mommy Mama Mom (her two blogs).

Nzingha's Soapbox is another fav of mine... She's always got interesting posts (like all the others she's on my blog list, but her name shows up as a dot for some reason lol).

Susie's Big Adventure is very interesting as well... but lately she's getting more and more critical of everything and its starting to get to me. I read it because she's nice and I love the subjects... but still.

Land of a Thousand Hills is good when she writes. Its sporadic though.

Inner Musings of an Eclectic Pagan is pretty interesting too.

I could go on. I have a ton of good ones in my blog list... now going to check out the one you mentioned lol

Kate Coveny Hood said...

For funny: Every Day I Write the Book (http://kasm.blogspot.com/)

For inspirational: Fancy Feet (http://blog.heidicave.com/)

Thos are two that I think might be new to you and your readers. Of course I have TONS more.

Chris said...

I think this is a great idea, as I would like to check out some new places as well. I really like http://throughjennyslens.blogspot.com/ Jenny is a great photographer and has cute kids - gotta love that!

Alicia W. said...

I'm about to HOOK U UP with some fantastic - addicting blogs. BRB

Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, I am checking that one out.

One of my all time favorites that I have been reading since she started blogging is Moosh in Indy. www.mooshinindy.com
She is funny, honest and just tells it like it is. Her overdose post is a gut wrenching honest post about her pregnancy. Great blog! I don't even want to know how many blogs are in my reader, lol.

Alicia W. said...

Enjoy. :)







Anonymous said...

I'm the same way. I have a TON of blogs ni my "favorites" and half of them haven't posted in ages. I won't give up though...heck, I don't post as often as I should.

I really really like:
Motherhood is not for Wimps at http://damomma.com
Chookooloonks (awesome photography!) Chookooloonks.com/blog
Punch Drunk at DDtko.wordpress.com
Looky Daddy Lookydaddy.com

MG @ MommyGeekology said...

I am so late to this party, but had to join in. I would definitely recommend Miss Grace's Disgrace - http://www.missdisgrace.com. She is hilarious, and young, and fresh.

Which brings me to --- have you updated your reader? My feed address/blog has changed. This is my "new identity"