Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where is my brain?

We went to the beach again this weekend. It was gorgeous and beautiful. I know that you are completely jealous, so I won't brag. Did I mention that we only live an hour from the beach?

Of course, I forgot to bring the camera, so I don't have any photos to share. Sorry. I have a smart group of readers, so I know that you didn't honestly expect me to remember the damn camera. At this point, I'd probably forget my head if it wasn't attached to me.

Guess what? I didn't fall in the ocean this time! And Porgie wasn't traumatized!

However, I did forget to bring her sun hat. We decided to stop at a little beach shop before heading down to the shore. The store had an awful selection. The baby sun hats didn't have any ties on them. I searched the whole damn selection and I couldn't find one hat that tied. So, we ended up buying a khaki hat, which we could not use. It kept blowing off of Porgie's head. Who the hell designs a baby sun hat without ties? A jackass, that's who. Of course, I am the bigger jackass because I bought the damn hat.

We also bought Porgie some sand toys, which she thoroughly enjoyed. John showed her how to shovel sand into the bucket. I was surprised when she instantly started shoveling sand. She is getting so smart. It is amazing how quickly she can learn a new skill.

So, we played in the sand, splashed in the water, and reapplied sunscreen every 10 minutes (because I am super parnoid about getting sunburned). Porgie is so well behaved at the shore. She happily plays for hours, with nary a peep.

By the end of the beach day, Porgie was exhausted. I could see in her little face that she was extremely tired. The ride home was pretty rough - lots of crying. John gave her a quick shower, and we put her right to bed. She was out like a light within 30 seconds.

Overall, my weekend was wonderful. What did you do?


Eva said...

That sounds so nice. We are fixing to go to the beach, too. You don't have trouble getting her not to eat the sand? I am concerned about this.

We have a bunch of hats (given to us) without ties. Totally useless! Of course when you put a tie hat on her she acts like a horse with blinders on and has tunnel vision. But at least her head doesn't get burnt!

She has yet to really wear sunscreen. I should get on that. She's Nordic after all!

Porgie is so smart.

What did I do...nursed my sick husband (no, not like that, you sicko), went to a festival with my friend-who-is-marrying-the-priest and her daughter, cleaned things, organized things, the usual fare.

Bon said...

oooh, oooh, the beach! we actually live pretty close to the beach too, and even had a nice warm sunny weekend last weekend (unlike this week where it's ten degrees) but we haven't done a very good job of making time for just hanging out and stuff. :) so i think you guys rock, and Porgie is clearly having the happy childhood that O should be having. he even owns a sand pail...and has never used it.

omg! i can't come here anymore! the guilt!

kidding. well, not about the guilt...but i'll keep coming, can't help it. :) glad you had a good weekend despite the lack of sleep.

karla said...

I let Nate swim in his kiddie pool. Thank goodness he doesn't know what a beach is yet because that little 15 dollar blow up thing certainly doesn't compare to the real thing.

Mary said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I'll have to try beach toys for Claire next time we go to the beach.

We didn't do anything fun-just getting the house ready for the packers. Mostly I ordered Justin around a lot. LOL

Rachel said...

I am jealous. I love the beach. max has been to the beach a few times when he was younger but it qould be fun to see what a 6 month old would do to sand-I guess eat it. hehehehe

Where do you live? We are in Philly.

Christy said...

We live about 20 minutes away from Philly. We're practically neighbors!

Lainey-Paney said...

...so, I won't brag...
Your whole post was a brag!
"Listen to my story. I live so close to the beach! she played with sand."

I'm so jealous.

I live in Dallas.
"Hey, listen to my story! I live near the grassy knoll where JFK was shot!"
It doesn't have the same ring, you know?

...glad you guys had a good time at the beach...

Anonymous said...

We didn't get to the beach this weekend, but we ARE on vacation aalll next week (hint hint) so if you want to meet up in Sea Isle or O.C.....email me.