Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bunny Rabbits and Kitty Cats

Bunny rabbits and kitty cats just don't mix.

On Monday, Porgie and I were walking out to my car, when I spotted a little lump of flesh on the sidewalk. As we got closer, I could tell that this helpless creature was a baby bunny. A tiny newborn baby bunny. A bunny whose eyes were still sealed shut. A bunny whose stumpy umbilical cord was still attached.

The bunny was laying in the sweltering sun, breathing heavily. I quickly took Porgie back in the house and came back out to save the bunny from the unbearable summer heat. I picked the little baby up, and it instantly squealed. Then it opened its mouth, ready for food. Food that I could not offer.

The bunny was in bad shape. It had bit marks on it's back, head, and belly. Obviously, one of my cats had attacked it during the night. I took the little bunny in the house and applied a triple antibiotic to it's wounds. Then I found a 1 cc syringe and proceeded to rehydrate the bunny with pedialyte. I placed the bunny in small animal cage, with a blanket. I put the cage on our deck, so the bunny would stay warm.

Every two hours, I feed the baby more pedialyte. When John got home from work, he took the bunny to a wildlife rehabilitator. I was sad to see the bunny go. I hope that someone is taking good care of him/her.

In college, I worked at a little pet store. During my many years at this store, I had the opportunity to rehabilitate numerous baby squirrels - a very rewarding and beautiful experience. If I could do anything in the world (without concern about money), I would rehab orphaned baby animals.


Eva said...

I'm so glad you could help that animal. I hope it does okay. I've done similar things with a squirrel, a rabbit, and a goat and it is of course wonderful when the animal improves.

Misguided Mommy said...

gosh...the last baby bunny i tried to help died in my hands, i'm so glad you could save yours!

Rachel said...

I am so happy that you were able to save the lttle baby bunnies life. Andf thank goodness for your mommy instinct and past experience. I am sure that bunny will be alright because of you.

Bon said...

dude. wow. i wouldn't have had a clue what to do for that poor little bunny...

and now i guess i do. well done, and thank you.

Suz said...

I would completely panic and cry. I would totally cry. I'm so glad it was you who found that little bunny and I hope that he's doing okay.