Thursday, June 14, 2007

Its offical, Porgie is a genius

Porgie is changing so fast. Everyday she seems to learn some new trick. Because I know that you guys are obsessed with my baby, I am going to highlight a few of her newest accomplishments. No need to thank me.

1. Porgie can wave. She has been doing this trick for a few months, but now she associates waving with the words bye-bye. If you say "bye-bye", she will automatically wave. I don't know about you, but I am thinking she is a genius.

2. Porgie is a clapping fool. That kid claps all day long, and it is absolutely adorable. She doesn't do it when you sing "patty cake" or "If you're happy and you know it". Instead, she randomly claps for no good reason.

3. Porgie can hand you objects. If you hold out your hand and say "Can I have that?", Porgie will give you whatever she is holding. Of course, she wants you to hand it right back to her.

4. Porgie loves to point at objects. At first, we would just point at the object too. Then I had the genius idea to start naming the objects she points to. I am a little dimwitted.

5. Porgie begs for food. When we are eating dinner, she will start grunting and pulling on our clothes. She is pretty relentless until you give her a bite.

6. Porgie can play peek-a-boo (except we don't use the word peek-a-boo, because she will cry). She loves to pull the covers over her head. I'll call out her name, and she'll sit incredibly still. Then suddenly she'll rip the covers off of her head and laugh. It is very sweet.

I am completely amazed by all of her skills.


Suz said...

This stage is so cool! And Porgie is doing great - we had the twins tested and they came in a little behind on the verbal skills part, which is what Porgie is doing when she responds to simple commands like "wave bye-bye!" She's doing great!!

Eva said...

My God, she should get the Nobel Prize of Babyhood!

How impressive and thrilling and fun!

I feel that way about my baby right now, too. I think she's just fabulously brilliant.

Amber said...

Yay for Porgie! It is an incredible feeling to see your kids accomplish these tasks!

Em said...

They all made me smile as Billy does most but wont clap! Well done Porgie!

Mary said...

Yea for Porgie! She is definitely a baby genius!

JC said...

oh that is so cute. can't wait for all this stuff to happen, but I know I will be sad to see this 5/6 month stage go.

kristi said...

So cute. I love it when they start interacting!

Anth said...

Oh, I love it! So cute.

I think Baby E claps randomly because every time she does I say "Yay!" and she likes that.

She used to wave when we told her "bye-bye." Then a few weeks later she stopped. I don't know why.