Saturday, June 16, 2007


This morning John and I were talking about organic products. We buy lots of organic food, but we have never purchased anything else organic - like bed sheets or cosmetics or pet food. These products are just too expensive.

This is a transcript of our conversation...

Me - "Why do you think organic products cost so much?"

John - "I don't know."

Me - "Its probably because the farmers lose more crops to insects."

John - "Yeah. They should start making an organic pesticide."

Isn't my husband a genius?


Mary said...


Eva said...

Head like a steel trap, that one!

Em said...

mmmmmmmmmm men hey???!! LOL

Eva said...

You know I still feel bad we didn't get an organic mattress/changing pad/mattress pad/wool carpet/formaldehyde-free carpet pad/low emissions car seat/non bisphenol-A bottles and cups; etc. But it just costs so much

Two Happy Moms said...


Sounds like a 'good' idea.


Lainey-Paney said...

My mom always told me that Marigolds are like an "organic pesticide" b/c the bugs that eat tomato plants don't like the marigolds, so you plant a row of marigolds with every row of tomato plants.