Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Incident

On Friday, it was sweltering hot in New Jersey. We packed up the car, and drove to the shore. We arrived at the beach excited and ready to swim. Porgie was in an exceptionally good mood, so we took her down to the water to play. We sat her in very shallow water and watched her kick and splash with delight.

After playing in the water for a while, we went back up on the beach to reapply sunscreen. Porgie was looking exceptionally adorable.

She enjoyed crawling in the sand.

I kept yelling for her, but she continued crawling.

And crawling.

We went back down to the water, but decided to walk out into the ocean this time. John was carrying Porgie, but she kept reaching for me and whining. I ended up carrying her, which was not a wise plan.

Guess what happens when a 15 week pregnant woman is carrying a 25 pound baby and trying to avoid crashing waves? A wave knocked me down onto my knees. I struggled to catch my balance, but more waves kept hitting me. I fell into the water. Porgie fell with me. Very traumatic. VERY TRAUMATIC.

Porgie and I were both a little shaken up. She cried, and I apologized profusely. Walking back onto the beach, John noticed that my knee was bleeding. I had scrapped it on the broken seashells in the sand.

John refers to this episode as "the incident." I think he was pretty shaken up too.


Eva said...

I'm so sorry! How scary. I always worry on the stairs.

25 pounds is a lot of baby!

Beach looked fun, though.

You keep posting photos of your injuries--poor Christy!

MamaMint said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! Sorry about your knee.

You take great pics. Watching Porgie in the sand is great.

Anonymous said...

She is soooo CUTE!!

Scary stuff for sure!

Suz said...

I slipped on the floor of the pool this weekend while holding Henry and it's terrifying...holding the baby up against all instinct, letting the water wash over my own head. Fortunately for us all, it was only 3 feet deep....but still.

Amber said...

Love the pics of Porgie crawling, so cute! Hopefully your knee is starting to feel better now!

Em said...

YOU ARE A NIGHMARE! Glad you only hurt your knee!

She looks very cute!

JC said...

very scary. I have memories of being on the beach on long island as a child and getting hit by waves and knocked down...still don't like to swim in the ocean b/c of it. But don't worry Porgie won't remember.
ps love to read your blog.

Lainey-Paney said...

oh no!

but hey...at least you got to go to the beach.
I'm jealous of that!