Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 19

Did you know that becoming a parent makes you a total bore? It takes the fun out of everything. Our town had a fireworks show on July 3rd. I cursed and fretted, as my sleeping children tossed and turned from all the racket. On July 4th, random idiots were lighting fireworks in the RAIN. I huffed and puffed, as my babies whined in their cribs. On July 5th, a few jackasses were still setting off fireworks. Seriously? Are fireworks really that neat? Because frankly, I could live without random booms and bangs waking up my children. In summary, I am a bitter old woman, who likes to bitch about all of the young whippersnappers setting off fireworks.

I really need to find a bag full of money, because there are so many things I want to buy. Currently, I am obsessed with swing sets. Although they cost a lot of money, I really think it would be well worth the expense. John, on the other hand, wants to be practical and invest our money in a new shed. I am pretty sure that if he had to sit home with the kids all day, he would be pushing for a swing set too.

Do you know what sounds really good right now? Chocolate. Mmmmm...chocolate.

I think Porgie tried to lie to me yesterday. I was feeding her beans and rice for lunch, while she ran around the kitchen. I walked over near the sink and seen that she had spit her food out on the floor. I said, "Did you spit out your food? That is bad Porgie!" And she said, "Izzy beans and rice." Hmmmm. Was she accusing her brother of spitting out the beans and rice? You be the judge.

Do you know what else sounds really good right now? Taco Bell. Mmmmm...Taco Bell.

My mother loves buying Porgie and Izzy toys at yard sales. She always finds really cute stuff that the kids love. However, she spends a small fortune to ship the toys from Kentucky to New Jersey. Last time she sent a box, she spent almost $50 on shipping!

My baby boy has outgrown a few of his toys, and we are getting ready to pack them away. For the first time in 2 years, I am not going to have a baby swing in my living room! Although it will be wonderful having more free space, I am a little sad that my baby is growing up.

Jealousy seems to be rearing its ugly head in our household. Porgie has decided that she wants mommy to carry her everywhere. It is frustrating. My back aches from lugging babies around all day. I hope this phase passes quickly.

If you haven't noticed, I am very hungry. Please excuse me while I stuff my face with food.


Lainey-Paney said...

teeheeheee...you said "whippersnappers."

Swing Set: yes, I'm with you. I want to get one soon too!

$$$ on shipping the toys: tell her to stop buying toys at the yard sale, and just send you a $50 check everytime she holds back on purchasing things at a yard sale.d
In no time, surely you'll have enough for a swing set!!!!

chris said...

I'm with you on the fireworks thing. On July 5th, that is enough!

Anonymous said...

We "missed" the fireworks. It was rainy & I didn't feel like driving two towns over to sit in a wet field past the kids bedtimes etc, etc, etc. I guess I'm getting old.

I have a swingset. If you can come get it, it's yours. Email me,we'll work it out.

mmmmm Taco Bell yo quero or whatever that little rat-dog used to say.

amanda said...

*seriously couldn't agree more with you on the fireworks - i complained all weekend to the husband. he said i was old. i agreed. but my baby's sleep is way more important. i don't care if i am an old crabby lady.

*tell john you are good with a shed as long as it has a swing set built inside.

*and thanks bc now i am hungry :) chocolate tacos anyone?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a swingset is MUCH more fun than a shed. Although, if you put some windows in the shed...VOILA...playhouse!

Yeah, its July 8th now..I better now be hearing anymore fireworks outside tonight! Get over it people!

I LOVE Taco Bell. I always said I would never move to a town with no Walmart or a Taco Bell. And I mean it! I'm serious!

I know...those babies grow up WAAAY too fast. But...it may just be me...they get to be more fun as they grow. Well, Z isn't talking too much yet, so we'll see how long that lasts. But, Porgie seems pretty smart...you'll have to watch that girl to stay 1 step ahead of her...she's already figured out how to blame things on her brother! Brilliant!

Wow! Your mom spends more on the shipping than on the toys! Its nice that she wants to give them stuff though....

Anonymous said...

OGM...sorry about that...my comment was like a post in itself!!!

Anonymous said...

Dangit....I can't even get an abbreviation right....I meant OMG!

Geez.....ok, I'm gonna quit stalking your blog now.


You need a swing set!!! And a back massage =). I am now craving the new queso crunch wrap at taco bell thank you very much!

Jenn said...

Funny ,I was calling the people on my street that this weekend too!
You are right about the swingset, guys that work all day..just don't get it!
I had a molten chocolate lava cake with homemade icecream for breakfast !
Being a stay at home mom makes a bond with other ones something working moms ,(who let someone else raise their kid )never understand!
Now I sound like a cranky old bitch too!
Hope you have a good day!

Melain said...

Can you imagine the kick ass toys you could have gotten for your kids if your mom had just cut you a check?

Marni Tiani Self said...

YOu crack me up. :) I think kids age us faster than we like to be aged. Then again, they keep us young right?

Tracey said...

A swingset is SO worth the money. Tell your husband to buy a plastic storage box and to deal with the loss of storage space. A swingset is guaranteed playtime everyday of the year.

Jeninacide said...

We are getting ready to pack away the swing as well... I have no idea where I am going to put it now(!!?)

Becks said...

Mmmmm Taco Bell. Canadian Taco Bell just isn't the same as American Taco Bell.

Stupid Canada.

Stupid fireworks.

Stupid shed.

You so deserve a swingset for the kiddos!! And a weekly visit to the masseuse (is that how you spell it?)

I need a bag full of money too. Chris keeps talking about me getting a job...boo hisssss. They don't get how much work it is to take care of babies. He thinks I just play and laugh and sing all day.

Stupid men.

Amanda said...

Keep on at John and maybe he will give into getting that swing set!!
You need it and so do the kids:)
Chocolate and taco bell sound good!! yummy :)

Dana said...

I think i'd love a bag full of money too!! I could sooo use it..

and about the Taco Bell thing - i thought the same thing the other night! Brian and I passed a taco Bell and for some reason it looked good.. I didn't get any though - I can't bring myself to eat Tbell, especially since the Ecoli scare...

Tabitha said...

I agree ~ you are at home all day and you definitly deserve that swing set ~ sheds are boring...keep pushing for the swing!!

I need chocolate too ~ damn diet!!

You really made me laugh with this post!

love and hugs Tabitha XXXXXXXXXX

THopgood said...

I used to be the same way about the fireworks but I quickly learned to just go with it. Getting mad doesn't help. I figured if I couldn't beat them join them.

Rachel said...

Swing sets sound so cool but they are expensive but true if hubby were home then it would be a swing set. Food-yes I am damn hungry too. Dont tell me your pregnant again!! ?? LOL

As for Porgie blaming Izzy-that is the funniest story I have heard in a while. Thanks

Paula said...

Amen on the fireworks! I was also on the verge of sticking one of those firecrackers up someones you know what....could have something to do with the fact that I'm 9 months pregnant and ready to pop anyday!!

Danielle said...

I hope you had some yummy food. I say you had better get the swing set- screw the shed! I wish I lived closer to you so we could hang out.

Danielle said...

oh and Eliza was up a zillion times because of fireworks!

Greg said...

Taco Bell AND Chocolate dooooooo sound wonderful right now!!

I also love both and would kill for a taco bell in town. Of course my town would have to consist of more than 1oo people, but one can dream.........right????

Mary said...

The swing set is a great idea and it'll be worth it (but you know that already).

The Woman said...

Yes a must have is a swingset and before a shed at that. Get the shed later.

S said...

I'm soooo with you on the fireworks. Enough already!

Mama Kalila said...

I was lucky... I think we had a ban here lol.

They do grow up too fast. I'm constantly putting toys away... & don't even get me started on clothes.

BTW you've now made me hungry & there is a piece of dark choc in there that has my name on it lol.

Nellie said...

Ellie is totally in the pick me up phase too and I hate it! No matter where we are she wants me to carry her. Grocery shopping alone with a cart and carrying a 2 year old is a real challenge!

I hate fireworks. I want my kid to STAY asleep.