Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let's talk about something else.

Inspired by Bon's comment on Thursday's post, I wrote a post containing more information about my past. I published the post, and instantly felt uncomfortable about it. For two hours, I couldn't concentrate on anything except that post. So for my peace of mind, I had to take it down. Sorry about the confusion.

I am not really sure why I felt so uncomfortable with the post. But it left me feeling exposed and vulnerable. And sick to my stomach. The worst part is, I didn't even share some of the more traumatic things that have happened in my lifetime. Ugh.

I ended the post by stating that I am "acknowledging what happened in the past and moving on with my life." I guess I lied.

Now, let's talk about rainbows and unicorns and big fluffy clouds.


Bon said...

see, and i don't even use a reader, so i missed the notification.

sorry, Christy. i wasn't trying to push you into feeling exposed. but i do like the real stuff. including the posts about deletion of the real stuff, since this too is pretty real., yeh. those unicorns? they rock.

amanda said...

i love rainbows and unicorns.

hugs :)

Anth said...

Hey don't feel pressured to discuss the extremely personal issues. I keep my blog pretty superficial for a similar reason. It makes me uncomfortable to be that exposed, even to friends. Someone has to be my friend for YEARS and even then I edit. It's just the way I am.

Can we talk about cakes and ice cream in addition to the rainbows, clouds and unicorns? Because I am in the throes of MAJOR sugar cravings...Mmm cookies...

Awake said...

Well I thought something like that had happened because your post popped up on my feed reader for a nanosecond.

Sharing takes time. Boy that sounded cheesy. :) You'll get there friend.

i heart rainbows but have always found unicorns a little freaky.

Danielle said...

I read it in reader and then felt so bad when I realized you delted it! But I do love rainbows and unicorns too.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better...ever since I was pregnant my memory really sucks....

I'm just sorry you tortured yourself before you took it down.

Rainbows are good.... :)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

This is YOUR blog. Don't ever let it become something for someone else!

If there's ever anything you want to talk about though... you have my email. No pressures.

Amanda said...

Sending Cuddles your way!
Hope your feeling a bit happier now:-)
Amanda x

Melain said...

Unicorns are fictional. And so is Santa. I thought it was time someone told you.

Blogging should ALWAYS make you feel better. If not, you're doing something wrong. I'm glad you took care of it quickly.

I love pretty rainbow colors.

Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

You share when you are ready. I always love to find out more about my bloggy friends.

And rainbows and unicorns pretty much rock:)

Cagey said...

You did the right thing. If you felt uncomfortable with it out there, then it needed to be removed.

Moving on to rainbows. :-)

Anonymous said...

what no kittens??

I don't post all my uglies either.
I will occasionally let off some steam, but I don't show the entire internet (or the 5 people that read my blog) the shitstorm that is my life right now.

You post whatever you feel like posting. If it makes you uncomfortable, delete it.

Jenn said...

It's all good, say what you want and what you are ok with! If you aren't ready to talk about certain things it's up to you! Rainbows are beautiful and some people collect unicorns ,not me but I think some are very cute! Hope you had a nice weekend!

Tabitha said...

You should feel comfortable with what you publish here ~ and if you don't then you are quite right to delete it!!
I hope that things are ok!!
lots of love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Kate said...

And you actually inspired me to start considering a weekly "confessional" post. But truthfully - it wouldn't include anything that could be considered "deepest, darkest". I still think it was very brave of you to put yourself out there. But I also think it's just as brave to let people know that you don't feel comfortable with it. Good for you all around!