Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 4

I love writing on my blog. LOVE IT. However, I have been struggling to come up with new topics to write about. I never leave the house, so I have no fun stories about our adventures. I hardly ever speak to any of my old mommy friends, so I have no good gossip. I could write about our day to day routine, but I am sure that you don't really care that Izzy pooped 3 times or that Porgie actually ate lunch in her highchair. So, please excuse me if I indulge in a few memes to pass the time.

I have been eating so much junk food lately. I am always starving, so I shove whatever is closest to me in my mouth. Seriously, I ate lunch at 10:30 this morning because I was starving. And now its noon and I am hungry again. Since I can't blame this on being pregnant, I am going to blame this on breastfeeding. It couldn't just be me being fat could it? Of course not. Its definitely breastfeeding. Right? Come on, throw a dog a bone.

I spoke too soon about Izzy's naps. We are back down to 30-45 minute naps. Ugh. He changes like the wind, so maybe next week he'll start napping better. Although these little catnaps are irritating, I am thankful that he is napping.

I bought a sling for Izzy before he was born. I only used it a few times, because it just seemed to hug him too tightly. When I put him in it, he would squirm and fuss the entire time. I tossed the sling in the closet, and forgot about it.

One day last week, Izzy was uber fussy during Porgie's nap. Desperate to hush his cries, I dug the sling out of the closet. I decided to place him in an upright position in the sling. He LOVED it and was instantly calmed. I have used the sling several more times at the grocery store and Target, with Izzy sitting upright. It is a wonderful feeling to leave all of the baby equipment in the car - no carseat, no stroller.

It is official, I am now in the rapid hair loss postpartum phase. After I wash my hair, big clumps will fall out in my hands. And hair is all over my house - on the couch, on the counters, in my food, on my children, etc. I can't wait until I stop shedding like a damn cat.

We have been having some nursing issues lately. Izzy refuses to nurse almost all day long, and then he eats all night long. I have no idea how to fix this problem. If you have any advice, please send it my way.

Rachel gave me with this little award...
I had no freaking clue what "I Less-than-three your blog" even meant. Apparently, I am not very cool or hip. After much research, I discovered that <3 is supposed to represent a heart. Awww, how sweet. I heart your blog too Rachel. Now it is my job to pass the award along to a few of my favorite blogs...

Fragmented Sentences and Incomplete Thoughts - I just started reading this blog, and it is fabulous. Not So Perfect is a great writer, who isn't afraid to discuss the tough stuff. I kind of like when people write about real life problems. I don't want to read about rainbows and unicorns all the damn time.

Antropologa (because I heart Eva) - Eva is my best blog friend (BBF). What? You don't have a best blog friend? Well BBFs are wonderful, so you definitely need to find one. In addition to being my BBF, Eva is also a terrific writer, with a beautiful little girl. Always a good read. And I am not just saying that because she is my BBF.

True Adventures of Super Hero Girl - Anth is getting ready to pop. Thats right, she is pregnant with baby number 2. She really is a super hero - she cooks and cleans and makes all kinds of fun crafts. She is amazing. Go check her out.

Mama Kalila - Mama Kalila just started her blog. She is fresh and excited to write. I love new blogs! So exciting!

My friend C is watching Porgie and Izzy this weekend. Because I am totally boring, I am just going to go shopping for some new clothes. Seriously, I need to pack away the maternity clothes, because getting dressed is just depressing.

My friend K just called and said that Target has valentine chocolates for 90% off. That is crazy cheap, so I have to pack up the kids and get my ass over there. Bye.


Carrie said...

you loose your hair after babies!?! Dang, another thing they don't tell you......

Margo said...

Long time! :-)

Your little guy is too cute!

Lindz said...

Congrats on your award... I guess my daily exposure to high school students keeps me on the up and up when it comes to lingo and symbols. The practically write papers in texting lingo.

Missy Marshmallow said...

I heard that when you are shedding a lot of hair you will then grow in hair that is thicker and heavier. I did not know what the <3 award meant either ;)

Eva said...

Wow, awesome, thank you! I had the hair loss, too and also I am so glad the sling is working. Baby Nora spent pretty much all her time out and about in it until she could go in the Baby Bjorn, and then go in the cart. I don't have one of those seats that go in and out of the car (I don't even apparently know what they are called) and the sling worked great for us. As for the reverse cycling nursing (as I understand that is called) HAHAHA of course I have no advice, but maybe check Kellymom or one of the iVillage boards or something. I'm sure someone will know what you can try.

Mama Kalila said...

Aww.. Thanks! I enjoy reading yours too..

Anth said...

Dude I am so excited! My very first award. And I heart your blog too.

I remember being sooooo hungry all the time while nursing. And eating an unhealthy amount of Nutella.

Greg said...

I totally know how you feel with the whole posting issue. I have been having a hard time lately (with the exception of the grammy post) finding things to write about.

Have fun shopping this weekend, and enjoy your time away!

Not So Perfect said...

Thank you! You made my week!

My hair fell out after Ella too. Nobody ever told me that would happen. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I was surpised when I made a doc appt about it and they said it was totally normal.

I could use some super cheap Valentine chocolates right about now.

I hope you guys enjoy your alone time and no baby making. ;-)

Mojavi said...

wait I thought you said you don't ever leave the house :)

damn it I want to go to Target now too!!!

Mama Kalila said...

After reading so many hair falling out comments I have to say:

I thought mine was going to.. I expected it...

No I got a wild tangled mess (worse even than it was during pg which was bad).

So I chopped it off instead.

Mama Kalila said...

Just so you know, I borrowed your idea... the stream thing. Hope you don't mind!