Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 2

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant AGAIN. I was in the hospital, getting ready for my c-section. I had to share my room with Ana Nicole Smith and my obstetrician was Cher. How weird is that?

We bought Izzy a new swing. It plugs into the wall instead of using batteries. It still won't push him very fast and he looks pretty frustrated every time I put him in it. I think he likes his old swing better, but what can we do? I guess he'll get used to it eventually.

In an attempt to ease Porgie into the new nursing arrangement (nursing in Izzy's room), I have installed one baby gate. The first night, she stood at the gate crying, even though she could still get to the back of the house by going around the kitchen. I guess she really wanted to go down the hall, because it was quit dramatic. John is going to install the second baby gate this weekend. Then, Porgie will officially be trapped in the livingroom/dinning room area. She is going to be very pissed.

I was supposed to go on a playdate yesterday afternoon. However, both of my babies were alseep in the afternoon. Those moments are so rare, that I had to cancel the playdate. Hopefully my friend C will understand.

Izzy has become the king of catnaps. I have been attempting to put him down to sleep every two hours. This is a great plan, except for the fact that he will only sleep of 30-45 minutes. Its kind of irritating, but at least he is napping.

I bought a book on potty training, just to get some information (I am not ready to embark on the potty training rollercoaster just yet). I was surprised to read that most kids aren't potty trained until age 3. Moreover, most kids can't effectively wipe after a bowel movement until age 4. Very interesting.

I think I am going to start regularly doing stream of conscious type post, like this one. It is fun to write little snippets about the first things that pop into my head. What do you think?


Eva said...

I like it!

Chas said...

I definitely believe the thing about most kids not being potty trained until age 3. I worked in a preschool during college and worked with three year olds. They were required to be potty trained before starting....but they weren't always completely potty trained. I cleaned up many accidents. I wasn't allowed to wipe butts though...not that I wanted to, lol.

Lindz said...

I like... and it is very similar to the way that my brian is functioning lately, this about probably all that I could handle.

Suz said...

Now? For the rest of the day? I'm going to be imagining Cher as an OB.

Not So Perfect said...

I am just giving you a friendly little reminder "you and John need alone time this week-end your children will be fine and Izzy will not starve in the two hours you are away from him."

I like the stream, very easy to read.

Carrie said...

Stream of consciousness works for me. I like the little tid-bits of knowellege like the potty training and wiping. How else am I going to figure these things out?

Anth said...

I do these stream of consciousness posts all the time. I only think in short paragraph bursts, I guess. Ha ha

Baby E did the catnapping thing too, when she was 3-5 months old. As you see, it lasted for months. It meant I pretty much didn't leave the house for MONTHS. (Exaggeration.) But hey, 45 minutes of sleep is 45 minutes of sleep.

Em said...

Yeah i like it, i did simular buying the potty training book then decided nope not yet! But i think we will by 2-2.5yrs

Mary said...

I'm still trying to imagine Cher as an OB...hmmm

Rachel said...

I think it is a great idea. It gives a little of this and a little of that and I enjoyed reading but I ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR BLOG.

Mojavi said...

like it! Yeah sinc eyou still have to wipe the butt, but also take them to the bathroom, pull down their pants, pray for no accidents, and hope they can hold it..ummm I am not going to care if Kya potty trains until 3!

Greg said...

We are totally at the point that we need to start potty training with E I think. Everytime she poops she runs into the living room and yells "poooop" and then points to the front of her diaper!

Eva said...

My kiddos were cat nappers, too. By the time we got the second one to sleep, the first one was up. Annoying. I hope he adjusts to the new swing and also starts lengthening those naps for your peace of mind.

And yes, your alone time with your husband this weekend sounds great. I can't believe it's the first time, ever!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Potty me. Don't start, for your own sake, until she's GOOD & READY. It sucks.

And that dream was really weird. Really.