Monday, February 11, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 3

As it turns out, John and I didn't go out alone this weekend. My friend's husband was out of town this week, so I decided not to dump my kids on them as soon as he arrived home. And next weekend they are traveling to RI to visit her family. But they promised that they will watch our kids the weekend after that. Hopefully nothing else will come up before then.

Izzy is still waking up every two hours at night. I try not to complain too much, since he is a newborn, but damn I am tired. I have been going to bed at 8 pm, and I still wake up exhausted in the morning.

Personally, I found the 12-18 month age range to be delightful. My baby girl was so sweet and gentle and loving. However, things are starting to change. At 20 months, Porgie is being a bully. She has started demanding things - usually things we don't want her to have. When we fail to give her what she wants, Porgie whines and cries and slaps her little hand down on the table. It is very annoying. On more than one occasion, I have felt a slight urge to slap her little butt. I am not ready for the terrible twos.

I have started crocheting a scarf for little Izzy. When I am done, I am going to start on those gifts I promised to make. It might take me awhile, but I'll definitely get them done in the next few months. Honestly, I should have made them while I was pregnant, but I was too busy eating M&Ms and watching television.

John took Porgie to the grocery store Sunday morning while Izzy was napping. I was looking forward to having some alone time. Of course, Izzy promptly woke up screaming. I think my children can sense when I am about to do something non-baby related.

Sometimes my husband is a selfish asshole. Twice this past weekend, John acted like he was too busy to watch the kids for a few minutes while I used the restroom. Seriously. AHHHH! He drives me INSANE.

My birthday is tomorrow. If John forgets, you'll see my picture on the evening news.

And finally, I have a question for you. If Hillary becomes president, how will the media refer to Bill? The president's wife is usually "the first lady." Will Bill be "the first gentleman?"


Carrie said...

Happy birthday! I'll be looking at the news for you tomorrow...tee-hee!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday. I hope he does not forget because I dont want you to go to jail.

I love the stream writing. Can you copy you and do it too? It is fun to read.

Well I hope Izzy sleeps and I wish you guys could get a day just the two of you.

Eva said...

God, they'll probably just call him Bill. We know him so well by now.

My kid is getting a little demanding, too.

Papa Bradstein said...

3B is a little over 18 months, and Ms. K, his daycare provider noted the other day that, "He's starting to really fit in and recognize the other kids. He's pushing them when they try to take a toy he wants."

What can I say? She has a positive spin on everything. But she's right, it is part of his coming into his own. It's not much fun, you're right. And, it is frustrating at times. But, dude, at times, I just have to laugh...seriously, you're throwing a fit over some fishie crackers? Knock yourself out.

Greg said...

Happy birthday!! All the cool people have birthdays in February :)

If you need tips on how to survive in jail, you let me know LOL!!!

Nellie said...

OMG! If he forgets your b-day I am going to drive right over and kick is ass!

Ok, that might be a long drive... but you catch my drift right?!

Nellie said...



A Mom Two Boys said...

Tomorrow is my Sister-in-laws birthday, too! Happy birthday!

Hope, for his sake, and yours too, that he remembers!

I wish I could offer you hope, but 2-3 sucks and from what I hear, it doesn't really get better after they turn 3. They do, however, ger more entertaining and fun, so that kind of makes up for t heir newfound a*sholeness. Kind of.

darksadist said...

happy birthday! may this one bring more smiles.. :) ENJOY!

Bon said...

happy birthday, Christy!

Em said...

Happy birthday for tom or even today not sure when you posted!

Billy sounds like miss porg, he now demands stuff and then will go mad if he doesnt get it, its becoming very anoying!

Chas said...

Happy Birthday!!

I don't know what Bubba would be called...I guess it would be First Gentleman officially, but I doubt people would use that title as widely as they do First Lady.

Mojavi said...

YEa he does that to me sometimes too, but I just stopped asking and started leaving! Happy birthday... ohh and when Kya gets mad she will hit herself in the head, wipe off my kisses and throw herself on the ground. I ignore her and kiss her again! :)

Not So Perfect said...

Happy Birthday mama!!

I hope you guys get some alone time soon.

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

kristi said...

Ha! Reminds me of my Hubs. The other day, he didn't go to work which means he had the WHOLE QUIET house to himself. When we came home, TC was his usual noisy self and hubs said, "Ugh...he makes me have a headache." I asked what did he want to do, give him away??

Misguided Mommy said...

the first gentlemen hahahhahaha...did he remember the bday