Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have gone meme CRAZY.

I thought that this was a cute meme. The idea is that you answer each question with a picture found on the first page of results. Some of them are pretty funny.

1) The age you will be at your next Birthday. This requires you to count the heads, you lazy people.

2) A place you'd like to visit. Nothing says exotic getaway like Kentucky - right?

3) Your favorite place. Of course, you expected me to post a picture of the beach. But lets be realistic, I am not going to the beach any time soon.
4)Your favorite object. I don't know whose kid that is - I just like the thing he is sitting in. Izzy sleeps in his for naps and nighttime.
5) Your favorite food. I almost posted a picture of pop tarts. Both taste heavenly.
6) Your favorite animal. Yes, I am very boring. You probably wanted to see a picture of a three legged dog or something.
7) Your favorite color. I have a slight obsession with this color. Well, not this specific shade. I prefer a mossy color.
8) The city in which you were born. Who the hell are these people? This is the first picture that came up when I typed in the name of the city. Apparent I was born in a flower garden, and these two love birds witnessed my birth.
9) The town in which you live. Really? I have drove around town many times, and I have never seen this building. All I see are crappy little ranch styles houses.
10) The name of your pet. What is my deal with potatoes today?
11) The first name of your love. This is self explanatory - right?
12) Your nickname/screen name. When I typed in my nickname, I was greeted with multiple pictures of my own offspring. How lovely.
13) Your middle name. Gross.
14) Your last name. AWESOME.
15) A bad habit of yours.
16) Your first job. No, I didn't design video games. Look closer.
17) Your dream job. They are not rats with long tails.
18) Your current job. Yes, my job is to draw cutesy pictures of ducks.
19) A picture you find hilarious. I don't know why this picture is so small. Here is the link.
20) Something that inspires you. Not these specific babies.


Eva said...

Oh my God I laughed my ass off.

Anth said...

Hey that's cool! I'm going to do it too.

Mary said...

How fun! I think I might try it too. I used to love playing that stupid Paper Boy game. That was my first job too!

Missy Marshmallow said...

Love the commentary! Very clever.

A Mom Two Boys said...

Yay! Nice work.

savy said...

Wait, WAIT! What's the "Paper Boy" game??!
Thanks :-)

Christy said...

My first job was delivering newspapers. I delivered them for about 3 years, until I got a job waitressing in a little pizza place.