Thursday, September 6, 2007

Strollers, furniture, and baby monitors

I have to buy a new stroller - a double stroller to be exact. I have been looking, but they are all so damn expensive. My only real criteria in picking a new stroller is cost. Also, it wouldn't hurt if it looked halfway descent. But really, I am just focused on cost.

At first, I really wanted the seats to be side-by-side. I wanted both of my babies to have a nice view from the stroller. However after talking to my cousin Bean (who has twins), I have decided to go with a stroller with the seats arranged one behind the other. According to Bean, this type of stroller is much easier to navigate through stores.

Any suggestions or recommendations?


I also have to buy Porgie new bedroom furniture. I really want a convertible crib, but I am having a hard time finding a cheap one. With Porgie's original furniture, we spent way too much money. I only thing I can say to justify why we spent so much is because we were new parents. Actually, I spent way too much money on almost everything we bought for her.

This time around, I want affordable furniture and decorations. Any suggestions or recommendations?


I am confused about baby monitors. We have a monitor for Porgie's room, and I LOVE it. Being able to hear my baby at night is comforting to me. However, when the new baby comes, I want to be able to hear him too. I have suggested buying another monitor, but John thinks I am insane. He insists that Porgie doesn't really need a monitor any more. Obviously this isn't about Porgie - its about me and my comfort level. Although I could probably hear Porgie when she wakes up, I want to listen in on her during the night.

What do you think? Should I buy another monitor for the new baby?


Amber said...

With the double stroller I got a side by side one and I used it quite a bit but not at all in the stores because I always use a store cart but I found a fairly cheap one (150 dollars) through I just did a search for double strollers and they gave me a gigantic list of all different websites that carried them, very convienient for me! And the baby monitor I can totally understand where you are coming from and as long as Porgie is still in a crib I would definantly buy another monitor. Once I moved Zachary to his big boy bed it was hard at first when I was so used to listening to him breathing but I could used to it and I knew that if he had a problem he could get out of his bed. Maybe with the monitor you could get one of those cool video monitors, if I was to buy another one I would have definantly gotten one of those! I think that those would be so convienent with a new baby!

Rachel said...

Just buy another monitor so you can feel safe. Check out Craigslist for furniture or check the sales or post an ad and I am sure you will find tons.

Eva said...

A) Try Craigslist. My local one is constantly selling double strollers and they include pics and brand names and everything. I bet you can find a good deal. You can even put a "wanted" up at Craigslist.

B) Ditto. Or use a pack n' play? Or a bassinet for the new one and by then maybe she'll be ready for a toddler bed.

C) Yes, get another monitor. I intend to use a monitor for decades on the little lady. Or get one that has two senders/transmitters, and sell the old monitor on Craigslist.

Dooneybug said...

Definitely go with a double stroller that has them front and back. I've heard stories about people not being able to get through entrances because they aren't wide enough for the side-by-side strollers. I saved up my credit card points and turned them in for Target gift cards so I was able to get my stroller really cheap. Maybe try craigslist or ebay?

Also check ebay, craigslist and your local children's used items stores for furniture and anything else you may need!

We didn't get a second monitor because the baby is sleeping in our room for now. We only have the one other bedroom so at some point we'll probably room them together so we won't need two monitors. Is there a mom friend that isn't using one of hers anymore that you could borrow for a bit, at least until you feel more comfortable with Porgie not using one? I know I'd want a second one if the need arose, it will make you feel more at ease.

Carrie said...

My sister has this kick a** front and back stroller. The older kid can sit facing backwards or stand facing forwards, with a lean-back strap. Porgie probably isn't old enough yet for it, but it sure is a cool stroller!

Eva said...

We love love love our side by side stroller. Which one you get really depends on your priorities. We've never met a doorway we couldn't get through, though it's true sometimes it's tight. But with the front/back ones, they're so long, if no one is holding the door for you it's pretty challenging. Plus, front/back ones are harder to navigate around turns etc. I know of some stores I go into that I absolutely would not be able to go into the way the doors are with a front/back (plus, I hear they're hard with elevators).

I made my decision after reading pros/cons here:

Ours is a maclaren, which we love, but isn't cheap. You can probably find them used, though.

On the monitor question, make sure you do some research to find out if you can really have 2 at the same time. If you bought the wrong kind, I'm guessing one receiver could pick up both transmitters, which could be all kinds of confusing.

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