Monday, September 10, 2007

Poop stories continued...

So, we are still having some poop problems over here. I am hoping that Porgie gets back on schedule soon, but I don't understand why it is taking so damn long.

Unfortunately, Porgie's constipation turned into diarrhea. She has had runny stools for about 5 days now. But the worst part is that she keeps pooping during the night. Sometimes she poops shortly after we put her down to sleep. And sometimes she wakes up super early to poop.

The most baffling part of this whole thing, is trying to figure out what caused this abrupt change in her bowel movements. I feed her breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same times everyday. I put her down to sleep at the same times everyday. I give her snacks at the same times everyday.

On a related note, remember when I told you about the COVERED IN SHIT episode? Since that day, Porgie's Eczema has been really bad. Her little back and sides are covered in scaly patches. We have been putting lotion on her, but the rashes persist. When I took Porgie in for her check-up on Friday, the doctor once again prescribed corticosteroids. I really don't want to use a steroid ointment again, so I didn't have the prescription filled. I am going to continue lathering her up with lotion and hope for the best.


Sara said...

Ainsley has really bad eczema on her backside. The ONLY thing that has worked for her is the Aveeno brand shampoo/body wash and lotion that is made specifically for eczema. It is always sold out here at Walmart and Target, but I can usually find it at Babies R Us. You might want to try it. :-)

Eva said...

We're having pooping problems here, too, for no clear reason. She has painful constipation. All during her little photo shoot she kept stopping smiling to strain. Apparently while I was at class tonight she created a massive poop in the tub and cried the whole time.

It is hard to be a baby.

Amber said...

I hope Porgie gets things straightened out soon! Eczema is a bitch! My nephew has it and his poor little feet in the summertime get so bad!

Em said...

Poor porgie, i have no suggestions for you at all now! Useless, hope shes better soon

Suz said...

Poor little Porgie-Girl! I hope that the creams help and that the

Lil said...

Poor critter! It must be so frustrating to deal with. Maybe a food sensitivity? Izz breaks out in a rash if I feed him anything with apples in it.

If your still breastfeeding then things she's sensitive to can end up in your breastmilk. If you're not, maybe she needs a different type of formula?

But you've probably thought of these already. =\

With Izzy I can't wash him with most baby washes. He only tolerates unscented baby-mild Dr. Bronners castile soap or Aura Cacia lavendar baby wash. Any other lotions or washes and his skin becomes horrid. He can only take a few baths a week as well.

Baby skin is so fricking delicate.

Hope you and the little one find your answers soon!

Rachel said...

I am so sorry to hear about the poop and skin stuff. I swear by Calendual cream-you can buy it at whole foods. If you are not near one-I can ship it to you. Also, Emu Oil is great too. Calendula is a flower and powerful. I use it on every cut, scrape, rash, iaper rash etc.

Maybe give Porgie some brown rice or could also give her a baby probiotic or some yogurt.

Call me if you wanna chat about it.

Eva said...

Wow, between the poop and skin, sounds like some kind of allergic reaction? Is there nothing new she's been eating?

For J's eczema, we always found that Eucerin cream - not lotion - worked pretty well. It's really thick. Our doctor recommended using a little bit of regular strength cortisone (really hard to find, it's like .5% instead of 1%) mixed with cream on the worst parts. That seemed relatively mild as it was a small amount, and worked well at keeping it in check.