Sunday, September 9, 2007

Big girls don't cry (but baby girls definitely do)

I took Porgie to the doctor for her 15 month check-up on Friday. Why didn't anyone tell me about the horrible reaction babies have to the doctor at 15 months. WHY???

We arrived at the office, and Porgie ran around like a wild monkey. She was pulling books off of shelves, trying to climb on chairs, and running through every open door. When we were finally called back, I was already exhausted. Then we were left in a tiny little exam room to wait for the doctor.

Have you ever been trapped in a small room, with a rambunctious toddler? Oh, the horror. THE HORROR. First, she ran back and forth across the room trying to open cabinets. Then she moved on to trying to open the door. When that didn't work, she started whining. I was trying to appease her with crackers and a sippy cup, but my plan wasn't working.

Just before all hope was lost, the doctor casually stroller in. Porgie, being a sweet little girl, waved and said, "Hi." The doctor smiled and Porgie smiled and I smiled. I thought we were in the clear. I was wrong. So, very wrong.

I picked up Porgie and sat her on my lap. As the doctor approached, Porgie flipped out. She started crying, clinging to me, and trying to shoo the doctor away. Very traumatic - for everyone involved. By the time the doctor finished her exam, Porgie had hot tears and snot streaming down her little face.

When the doctor left, Porgie instantly perked up. BUT, then the nurse came back. You probably know where this is going. The nurse came back to give Porgie her shots. Porgie lost her shit again. Except this time, she wasn't so easily consoled. She cried and cried and cried. She cried while I got her dressed. She cried while I made her next appointment. She cried on the drive home. She was so sad. I was so sad.

So, a word to the wise - your child might FLIP THE FUCK OUT at her next doctor's appointment. Bring plenty of Tylenol - for baby and mommy.


Misguided Mommy said...

brandon did this same thing...but even worse then the shots is when the dr had to check his boy parts to see if his stuff had dropped and if it was all functioning right. i think my son turned mutant at that moment

Eva said...

Oh dear god no! We had a hard enough time at the 12 month one!

Suz said...

The boys flipped out at 18mos. Just flipped out, but the nurse was rather nonchalant: "this is just the age where it happens," she said.

Cagey said...

Yep. Kids freak out and it sucks. I am sorry you had to go through that. Hang in there.

I am dreading our 2 year appointment. Sigh.

JC said...

That is so sad. I really dread when Mr. T knows the doctor's office hurts :(

Rachel said...

Well I am sure they know what is going on and they probably sense that we are uncomfortable. It is just tough being a baby or a momma sometimes.

kristi said...

I always take markers, paper, snacks and anything I can think of to keep TC busy.

S said...

Sorry the appt was rough.
I have to admit that your post made me feel not so alone w/the flip out at the DR office. I don't think K has had a calm appt ever!

Anth said...

Oh GOODY. I have an HMO so no 15-month appt. But an 18-month one is looming in my future. Blech. The 12-month appt was bad enough.