Sunday, September 30, 2007

Climbing, animal sounds, and body parts

My child can climb. She climbs up the equipment at the park. She climbs on the ottoman in our living room. She climbs all over her toys. Basically, she tries to climb on everything. I call her my little monkey.

Because of her new found love of climbing, John finally lowered her crib to the lowest setting. However, I still have her bumper on the crib. I am afraid that she might try to use the bumper as a stepping stone to climb out of the crib. Should I take the bumper out?


Last month, Porgie was talking up a storm. She was saying new words everyday. However, she has decided to take a break from talking. Some days, I won't hear her utter a single word all day. To replace her words, Porgie has decided to start imitating animal sounds.

She can say "arf" for dog, "meow" for cat, "baa" for sheep, "nay" for horse, and "moo" for cow. She used to quack for the duck, but she seems to have forgotten this skill. I think making animal sounds is even cuter than talking.


This moth Porgie also started labeling her body parts. Porgie can point to her nose, ears, hair, mouth, and belly. I tried to get her to point to her eyes, but she just points to her ears instead. Goofy girl!


So, that is the latest update on Miss Porgie. She is learning so many new things everyday. It is amazing to watch her change and develop. While John was gone this month, I think Porgie learned a trillion new things. I feel bad that he misses so many of her milestones.


Suz said...

One word. Yes.

My kids aren't climbers, but I have some friends who have had their babies catapult themselves out of the crib by stepping on the bumper. Nobody got hurt, but still....

Eva said...

Bumpers freak me out and we've never had one. No one ever died from not having a bumper, but some babies have died from having them.

My baby is a big climber, too. Once I caught her scaling a bathroom cabinet...somehow. And she can't walk but she is all over the jungle gym at the walk!

It's so cute that Porgie knows all those sounds! Clever bunny.

And her body parts! Baby Nora does know where her head is, and sometimes will deign to tell you, but that's it so far!

My husband has had a LOT of alone time with the baby (relatively speaking) recently, having two nighttime and one morning duty a week all to himself. He's learning things about the baby I'm not. So I can imagine how your husband feels, and I know how you feel, on your end. The most important thing is that Porgie is getting well-cared for and has a mommy and daddy that love her, even if the daddy isn't always right there.

It's not about the badge! said...

Man life is crazy when you have a climber!! E is a climbing maniac and has taken many the falls this last week because of it. We try to watch her and keep her safe, but she sneeks away and before we know it she is screaming her head off becasue she fell trying to climb the cat condo.

We still have our bumpers on the crib, but I think it is time they come off because I have seen E climbing up on them.

E has also started learning her body parts. Her grandma (K's mom) is not very happy that I taught E to call her area down there her na na. I also have taught her to say poo poo when she goes #2 in the diaper. Another one of grandma's pet pieves. HA HA aren't year and half olds fun!

Anonymous said...

Will's a climber too. His new thing is to climb on the fireplace hearth, onto Maggie's princess chair, then up ON to the princess table. Then he stands up and YELLS....MAMA!!!

Wow, Porgie knows a lot of words!! I think that might be a girl thing, since Maggie was speaking in full sentences by the age of 2. Will, not so much. He'll point to things, and he says a few "words" but nothing that anybody else would understand.

Em said...

That sounds just like Billy, he is forever showing his tummy, pointing at ears and showing us his new shoes!

Arent they funny and amazing at the same time!

And climbing is now a real pain, needing eyes in the back of my head!

Rachel said...

We all Max Mister Monkey. Max is only 9 months but he has already strated to try and climb on everything. Ugh!

Oh Miss Porgie is so smart and adorable.