Monday, September 3, 2007

Poop Poop Poop

We have been having some poop issues in our house. To fully understand this story, I have to give you some background information on Porgie's poop habits. She is a fairly consistent girl, who poops about 3 times a day. She rarely ever suffers from constipation.

This story begins all the way back on last Thursday. On this particular day, Porgie only pooped twice. I wasn't worried, because she had pooped right before bedtime. I feed her a bottle and put her in the crib. It took her FOREVER to go to sleep.

On Friday morning, Porgie woke up crying. Since she always wakes up babbling and happy, I rushed in to get her. Upon opening the door, I knew that she has pooped. Her entire room reeked of feces. I got her up and put her on the changing table. Upon taking off her diaper, I was shocked at the state of Porgie's butt. It was the brightest shade of red I have ever seen. As I tried to wipe her, Porgie screamed and cried. I felt awful. She had laid in poop all night long. My poor baby.

During the day, I changed Porgie's diaper every hour and liberally applied diaper rash creme. By the end of the day, her bottom was looking pretty good. Unfortunately, Porgie did not poop at all on Friday. Not even one little turd.

I put Porgie down at her usual bedtime, and she went right to sleep. Being paranoid, I crept into her room after she fell asleep and sniffed her butt. I didn't smell anything, so I went to bed.

On Saturday, Porgie woke up early. I went in to get her and was once again greeted by the smell of baby poo. I guess Porgie pooped sometime during the night, because her little butt was a bright shade of red and very sensitive.

Trying to remedy this problem, I decided to feed Porgie prunes for breakfast. I wanted her to poop during the day, so she wouldn't poop at night. BAD IDEA. VERY BAD IDEA.

I put Porgie down for her nap at 11:00, and she promptly fell asleep. However after about an hour, she woke up. I heard her grunting and pushing. A minute later, she was asleep again. I was torn - should I go change her diaper or let her finish napping? Being the foolish woman that I am, I opted to let her finish napping.

About an hour later Porgie woke up. I went in to get her, and was greeted by the smell of poop. I flipped on the light and walked over to the crib. Instantly, I noticed a puddle of feces in the middle of the bed. I looked at Porgie. She was covered in shit. COMPLETELY COVERED IN SHIT.

I called for John to come help. I undressed Porgie, and John gave her a bath. I examined the damage in the crib. There was shit on the sheets, shit on her lovey, and shit on the bumper. In one word, it was GROSS. I was pretty traumatized by the whole experience.

On Sunday morning, Porgie woke up extra, extra early. John went in to get her, and once again she had pooped. Thankfully, she pooped several more times during the day.

Today, Porgie woke up at her usual time. She had once again pooped, but this time it was hard little pellets. Yes, she is now constipated.

Here is my question for you - how do I get Porgie back on track? I don' t think her little butt can take much more.


Eva said...

Oh man, that poor little thing.

Do you remember that time we were talking and I fed the baby prunes and then a little while later I had to get off the phone suddenly to deal with a pooping emergency? I never did tell you about the fall out. Poop stain on our new carpet. Poop all over me, the baby, shoes...those prunes are risky business.

As for getting Porgie back on schedule, I don't know. Sometimes my baby will poop in her sleep and then that will cause problems. I have discussed with her that she needs to let mommy know when she poops in her sleep, but she hasn't cooperated. The best thing I can say is that sleeping bowel control is the first to come (according to Dr. Sears).

And like with all things baby, things should eventually get back to normal. Just stuff her with fiber and check her diaper a lot.

Em said...

Plenty of water and if she is a little constipated add a spoon of sugar to the water, brown if you have it. Not quite a intense as prunes.

She will go back to normal, could be teething or upset tummy. Not nice tho for poor little lamb.

Sorry cant be of more help

Eva said...

Yikes, poor baby and poor Mama! We've never tried prunes. We try to have fruit every day, and our doctor said p-fruits -- peaches, pears, plums. Our kids err on the side of constipated, though. No 3 times a day at our house.

I'm sure you did this but when J used to poop in the night we would liberally slather his butt with diaper creme before bed.

On a more pleasant note, crayons. We tried the high chair (as they do for painting at daycare) but it may have had too much association with eating so the crayons were straight to the mouth. What worked better was an upside down cardboard box (like Amazon size) on the floor and they just sat/knelt on the floor with it.

S said...

I agree w/Em, give her more water. Her body will get back on track, don't worry. :)
Also, can you back down on the milk until her poops get less hard?
Sometimes dairy can make it harder to poop.

Sometimes, though, they just have poop pellets. K gets them now and then.

Misguided Mommy said...

ummmmmmmmmm...i just felt like i was reading my own blog!!!!!

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh no....Gage wasn't one to poop during the night, so I don't know how to get her back on track....

Here are my suggestions, without having gone through this myself, here is what my brain would say to do:
-AFTER she gets up from her nap, give her grapes, or applejuice.
-add sugar or karo syrup to her water/applejuice AFTER her nap.

Gage sometimes now doesn't even poop 3X/day.

As far as the diaper rash goes: let me suggest Dr.Smith's diaper rash cream. The pediatrician gave us a sample when Gage had a BAAAAAD diaper rash (we're talking raw bloody was AWFUL!) Anyway....the Dr.Smith's comes in a tub. The packaging is blue & white. It STINKS to high heaven, but worked sooooo well on Gage's hiney. Seriously---there was improvement within hours.
Also---naked baby time.
My friend, Jessica, suggested it to me when Gage had a rash. So, when he gets rashy (still happens sometimes), I try to give him as much naked baby time as I can.

Misguided Mommy said...


Rachel said...

Holy Shit!! I would give her water, some bannanas and some brown rice. Try to clog it up a little. Oh sweets.