Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things I don't understand

1. Why are pictures of grapes always purple? Yet every time I go to the grocery store, I only see red and green grapes. When is the last time you ate purple grapes?
2. Not that I do either, but why is alcohol legal, while marijuana is not? Teenagers die from alcohol poisoning everyday. Has anyone ever died from marijuana poisoning? 3. Why do they make male and female razors? I have used my razor and John's razor interchangable, and I haven't really noticed a difference. Don't all razors do the same thing?

4. Why would anyone buy regular Oreos, when you could buy double stuffed Oreos? Personally, I think Nabisco should just get rid of regular Oreos. Doesn't double stuffed Oreos sound delicious? Or how about...A triple double stuffed Oreo courtesy of my lovely husband.


Mary said...

It's funny you mention that about the grapes...Yesterday for what I think is probably the first time in my life, I saw purple grapes. They were cute little concord grapes and I bought them...and they are much better than the red or green.

I thought of you today when I got some junk mail. Dominos has a new Oreo pizza thing...

Em said...

What is that last thing? looks like food? and i'd asume it is as you say they are lovely!

Rachel said...

You are so funny. I guess the blood test results have made you happy that you can fully enjoy your oreos. what about some homemade oreos..cookies with icing or ice cream in the middle. YUMMY!!

Cagey said...


The razor thing is marketing - my understanding is that they ARE virtually the same, just the packaging is different. And if you follow these things, you'll notice that MEN usually get the new n' improved version before we do.

Also, I agree with you on #2. When was the last time you saw a couple of stoners hop into their car and mow down hapless bystanders?

Misguided Mommy said...

Okay so before I answer your hilarious questions lemme answer the one you left on my blog. I don't want Brandon to eat meat because, ewwww meat, flesh gross animal ick. However since I got to make the choice on my own so does he. I think during the whole week I maybe offer him one bite of chicken at the most and that is only in front of my husband and just to appease him. i can't give up milk though because I love me some milk....but here is my thought on milking cows...I've been pregnant and had a kid, if no one had milked me while I was pregnant (ie nursing) I would have been in pain and one grumpy mother fucker...So the way I see it drinking the milk is doing a huge service to the cow so she doesn't get engorged...

K now
1. I think that some retards thing the red grapes are really purple grapes! You know because it isn't like blood red..
2. I've allllways wondered this shit..It would have made high school a lot easier for me if it was okay I was always stoned.
3. K so. Mens razors kick womens razors asses because theirs are sharper. However they are meant to be used on a smaller surface so when we go steal our husbands we dull them and THIS PISSES MEN OFF. My dad started telling me this when I was little, then subsiquent boyfriends, but my favorite was the time my cousin wouldn't get the point so her husband went and bought her a really nice lady razor for Christmas and she still didn't get it!
4. Okay so personally I like single stuff because I really like to dunk and taste equal cookie and stuffing. However, i just don't understand why they haven't started selling just plain stuffing patties yet. I know my son and husband would be over the moon if they could just buy a bag of oreo stuffing!

Suz said...

Hmmmm...triple stuffed Oreo.


S said...

oreo - triple stuffed oreo......

Anonymous said...

purple grapes are generally used for wines & juices...what color is grape jelly? Uh, its purple.

Don't smoke it. Never did. Really. Honest & truly. I've never even tried it.

Joe just got a free sample of a Gilette fusion razor....Five, count em, 5 BLADES! I swiped it.

I'm sitting here at work stuffing my face with Keebler Vienna Creme cookies. Every one gets opened, the half with no creme gets eaten right away & the half with the creme-y goodness gets smooshed together with another creme half so I have tiny, little double stuffed Vienna Cremes.....MMMMMMMM

Hey, we still on for Friday?? There may be a slight change in plans..... Jill's hubby has to work on Friday, so maybe tomorrow would be better????

ValAnn said...

I totally cannot turn down double stuff oreos... that is the only cookie I buy! The triple stuff looks good as well!

Eva said...

My husband and I use the same razors. They are green.

As for the

I agree that it is dumb that pot is illegal, considering all the stuff that isn't. The government is dumb. However nothing I ever vote for passes. My vote is the kiss of death. It is discouraging.

Lainey-Paney said...

i see purple grapes all the time.

razors---agreed. it's all a marketing ploy....

oreos: double stuff is too much stuff.