Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Couch Potatoes

Porgie and I are becoming couch potatoes. Big, fat, lazy couch potatoes. I blame myself for this horrible turn of events, and I am having a really hard time reversing this trend.

I am fast approaching the third trimester of this pregnancy (only one week away - AHHH!), and I am feeling the effects of being near the end. I am getting bigger. Some days I wake up and feel like my belly has grown several inches over night. I am starting to feel uncomfortable when I bend over to pick things up. I get winded after walking up stairs or carrying Porgie across the house. In a nutshell, things are getting rough. And the worst part is, I still have three month to go. If I feel like this now, what will my life be like in November?

Due to my expanding belly, the extremely hot weather, and a horrible case of the baby fussies, we have been watching television excessively in our household. When I get up in the morning, I typically watch CNN and/or read blogs. During this time, Porgie usually runs around the house playing and shoveling Cheerios into her mouth. At 9:00, I always turn on Sesame Street. I don't really know why I turn this show on - habit maybe? At 10:00, we usually go out on the deck and run around. Around 10:30, we start the nap time routine (change diaper, read three books, and drink a bottle). Porgie is usually sleep by 11:00.

When Porgie wakes up at 1:00, I feed her lunch. Then I do the dishes and boil the bottles, while she plays with her toys and practices walking around the house. At 2:00, I turn on Blues Clues. Porgie alternates between watching TV, walking, and playing. At 3:00, I usually try to get out of the house (we go to Target A LOT - and the grocery store). We are usually home by 4:00. If its nice out, I'll let Porgie play outside. However, most of the time it is too hot out, so we end up playing in the house. This usually leads to a fussy baby, which leads me to a Baby Einstein video. At 5:00, Porgie eats dinner. Then John gets home and plays with the baby until bedtime at 7:00.

Have you noticed the excessive amounts of TV being watched? I am feeling pretty guilty about this arrangement. In my defense, this isn't an accurate portrayal of everyday. We have swim class two days per week - so we don't watch Sesame Street on those days. And sometimes the weather cooperates, and we go outside in the afternoon. And sometimes we have a playdate.

However, I still feel like Porgie watches WAY TOO MUCH television. My fears is that things are only going to get worse in the next few months.


Cagey said...

As you know, I'm in the same boat, just a bit further up the stream than you.

My kid has watched WAY too much TV these past few months. I'm not happy about it, but we are just trying to survive at this point.

If you are still spending time with her and reading books and hanging out, don't beat yourself up too much. I argue that when you are a SAHM, TV is just one small part of the day. Is Porgie watching 10 hours a day? Probably not.

She'll be fine.

One tip for making toys "fun". I've boxed up most of my kid's into individual boxes and store them throughout the house. I bring out boxes one at a time. I've noticed if ALL The toys are scattered, he quickly gets tired of them that way.

Anth said...

Eh, don't sweat it. I know this girl who was really sick during her 2nd pregnancy. She would just lay on the couch basically all day, and her 2-yr-old watched Finding Nemo over and over and OVER again. She was worried he would turn into a zombie. He was fine. 4 or 5 months of Sesame Street and Blues Clues will not turn Porgie into a psycho.

Rachel said...

oh poor momma. And don't blame are prego. You are doing your best. You are running after porgie..of course you need a rest.

Eva said...

That doesn't really sound like a huge amount of TV. It's not like it's always on. And she plays doing other things a lot. Cut yourself some slack, you poor pregnant worried thing. :)

S said...

Hang in there and try to take it in stride. Plus, Fall is almost here. : )

Em said...

I remember been like that during my pg but i didnt have a baby too< it must be hard work!

Good choice seseme st though, not on here at mo!

Mary said...

You're still boiling bottles?