Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Porgie is growing up SOOOO fast. You need to come to New Jersey to see her. She is amazing.

I know that no-one cares except me, but I am going to brag about my baby's super amazing skills. For a few months I have been worrying about Porgie's language development. The other babies at the YMCA have been saying new words left and right. Of course, this created a wave of panic in my neurotic brain.

The only thing keeping my fears at bay, was the fact that Porgie has excellent receptive language skills. Porgie understands so many words and phrases. She can point to all kinds of household objects when prompted. She can point to the various animals in her books when prompted. Most impressive is the fact that she can perform numerous one step commands when prompted.

BUT, I now having a talking baby! In this past month, Porgie's language development has exploded. Of course, many of these words are not spoken clearly. However, she usually points while she is saying the words, so it is obvious which word she is trying to pronounce.

Here is the list (in the order she said them):
All Gone (alga)
Clock (cock)
Daisy (dayee)

I am so proud! Wouldn't it be nice if I had a video of this amazing new development? I just need to figure out how to show Porgie talking through a series of pictures.

Oh yeah, Porgie also learned how to drink through a straw last week. She is so smart!


Margo said...

Go Porgie!!! :-) :-)

Mary said...

Yea Porgie! There's no stopping her now that she's starting to talk!

Sara said...

I personally think it would be amazing to hear my alarm 'cock' go off in the morning. (teehehe) Sounds like she is doing great!!

Eva said...

So cool! What fun words. I especially love alga. Too cute.

Eva said...

Wow, she's brilliant. And cursing already--I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yay Porgie!

I know you're not supposed to compare, but when Maggie was maybe 10 months old, she was prctically speaking in sentences. Even as an infant, when you would talk to her, she would watch your mouth. Will? Oh. Will.
Everyone and everythind is Dada.
Maggie is Da-deeee. I am DaDa.
He *does* say DeeDaaaa (Zebra)when I hand him his favorite toy.

I never knew Will could drink from a straw until a few days ago, when he swiped Maggie's juice box and finished it! Boy, was she pissed!

Em said...

Clever Porg, more words than Billy. Love the cock!oH clock!

Lainey-Paney said...

way to go Porgie!

She IS amazing!