Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am sorry Rachel

My date on Friday did not go as planned. Rachel and I were supposed to meet at a Children's Garden around 2:00 pm. Porgie almost always goes down for a nap at 11:00 am, and wakes up around 1:00 pm. Of course, she decided to mix things up on Friday.

To fully understand why her schedule went awry, I have to start at the very beginning. John got up for work at 5:30 am. My husband has an amazing ability to step on every creaky floor board in our house. By 5:45, Porgie was wide awake. I was way too tired to actually get my ass out of bed, so she happily played by herself in her crib until 6:30 am, when she finally fell back asleep. I went back to sleep too (actually I had been drifting in and out of sleep since 5:30).

I woke up at 9:00 am! 9:00 am!!! Porgie NEVER sleeps that late. NEVER. I woke Porgie up and we played for a few hours. When 11:00 am rolled around, I knew that she would have troubling going to sleep. I read her a few stories, feed her a bottle, and put her down in the crib. Of course, Porgie wasn't tired. She played in her crib until 1:00 pm, when she finally fell asleep.

In order for Porgie to function properly, she needs at least 1 1/2 hours of sleep. That would put us at 2:30 pm. Then I have to feed her lunch. That would put us at 3:00 pm. Then we would have to get dressed, and get ready to leave the house. That would put us at 3:30 pm. The garden was about 30 minutes away from my house. That would put us at 4:00 pm. And I would need to be home by 5:00 to start dinner. Obviously, this plan was not going to work.

So, I had to cancel our date with Rachel and Max. Rachel was super cool about the whole thing, but I feel bad nonetheless.


Misguided Mommy said...

yes but i think all is forgiven knowing you slept till 9 NINE whoah dude NINE I didn't even having my son this morning and I woke up at freaking 545 what gives!

Eva said...

I'm sure she understands...that's just the nature of babies. Like this morning we were all set to go to join some other mommies for a pool date at 10:30...when somebody was all inexplicably exhausted at 10:15 and had to nap instead so we couldn't go. Happens all the time.

Eva said...

Okay, so, so jealous of 9:00 AM!

Don't babies always do that, change their schedules when you need them to be on it? S&J have had a regular morning nap in the 10:00 - 11:00 range for a while, but Thursday, when I was having lunch with my department head, they moved it right to when I usually nurse them. Of course, being a bad mom, I woke them up from the nap so I didn't have to skip the lunch.

Your belly looks so cute!

Rachel said...

Oh Christy-you are so cute. I know what it is like to have a baby..I have Max. Also, since I had to get a cap that am because I broke a tooth..actually it all worked out for the best. I look forward t getting together and letting the little ones play. You are too much. I was never upset. I totally understand..Max does that all of the today..he went for a nap at 10:30..he never goes that late..they are babies and we never know what they are going to do. LOL

Em said...

Lets hope it works out next time! But 9am, thats like heaven!