Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Does walking require lots of whining?

Since learning to walk, Porgie has been excessively fussy. Its starting to become a major problem in our household. She whines and cries so much, I find myself starting to snap at her. For example, everytime I go into the bathroom, Porgie wants to come with me. This would be fine, except she likes to push her walker into the bathroom too. Then she rolls that damn walker over my feet repeatedly, and she cries because it gets caught on the bath rugs. On more than one occassion, I have sternly ordered her out of the bathroom. Of course, this only makes her cry harder.

I think part of the problem stems from the fact that Porgie is bored. She has all these new skills, and I make her sit around the house all day. Its not my fault really. It was been so damn hot here, that I don't like taking her out of the house. We haven't been to the park in weeks. Also, in an effort to be fiscally responsible, I have tried to keep my trips to Target to a minimum. Whenever we go to that damn store, I end up spending WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. So, we have been spending a lot of time at home lately.

I also think part of the problem stems from my moody ass. As I mentioned last week, I have been an emotional wreck. I tend to be a little overly dramatic. Honestly, somedays I wonder if Porgie is the fussy one or if I am the fussy one. We both seem to be frustrated and overwhelmed.

I feel like we need a change, but I am not really sure what to do or where to begin.


S said...

Can you go to the park in the AM before it gets insanely hot?
It's been 90 plus degrees here for almost 2 weeks, so I can understand how you feel.

Also, would she play in a baby pool? That might be something, but I also found this idea on ParentHacks where you get a rubbermaid storage bin/tub and fill in w/a bit of water - enough for Porgie to splash around it - and put some water toys in it. Then all you have to do is push the bin/tub over to empty the water (or dump it out in the regular bath tub).
That way you could remain at home but be outside for just a bit.
You could soak your feet in too. :-)

Hang in there.

Dooneybug said...

I have felt the exact same way the entire last trimester! I feel bad that my son is in the house the majority of the day because of the hot weather and the fact that I physically can not chase him around the yard right now.

I just try and wait it out until my husband gets home and takes him outside to play.

There are days though, where he's so fussy and actually requests to go "bye-bye" that we end up leaving the house for a little bit just so he can have some different scenery. I usually try and go somewhere I know I won't want to spend money or a really cheap place, like the dollar store.

Hopefully the hottest part of the summer is coming to an end. But by the time it cools off, you're going to be so pregnant that it'll be hard to chase Porgie!

Misguided Mommy said...

i dont know where you would look but i found this great place here in reno that only cost 6.00 each time we go for an unlimeted amount of time. its an air conditioned place with little baby toys, cars, walkers, jungle gyms, bounce houses, a play house with dress up and babies and so on. brandon loves it, it's cheap and it is inside! Also what about indoor swimming lessons!

Amber said...

Or how about instead of swimming lessons, just take her to the pool and let her have fun? My kids love to go to the pool and just run around and have a good time. Even a little kiddie pool in the backyard would be good, something to keep her entertained!

Eva said...

That sounds frustrating. I'm so sorry! I hate it when babies have cases of the fussies. We do lots of playdates to keep ourselves entertained, and tons of little shopping trips. It can almost be as fun to go to Target and NOT buy anything...almost. And the Dollar Tree! Also we grocery shop every couple days. Maybe find a baby gym or do Mommy and Me or Gymboree? Also, I let her take looooong baths which she enjoys.

Anth said...

I think it is so rude that these kids of ours think they can start getting bored already. Baby E turns into a crankpot when she's bored too.

I like the baby pool idea that s suggested. Tried that?

And um, yeah. I just spent $70 at Target. Bleh.

Lainey-Paney said...

go to the mall, but don't buy anything.


clearly (if you read today's post) I spend way too much time there.

Entire mall trip, I spent $2.15 on a large mango iced tea for myself. That was it.

Lainey-Paney said...

oh, another mommy suggested driving out to the airport so her son could watch the planes take off & land. Her son was in love with planes...

Mary said...

Since Claire started walking she's been more whiny too. I think she's just getting tired out more easily, so she started taking two naps again.

It's so hot here too! I barely leave the house and feel like I'm going insane some days. Today is was 88 degrees at 7:30am. Ick! I understand your pain.

Jackie Hanks said...

OMG, Target is the best place to go if you are bored and need to find something to do, but the worst place to go if you don't want to spend a lot of money! Everytime I go for just 1 or 2 things, I end up spending at least $100 or more!

Rachel said...

Frst off, DON"T BLAME YOURSELF> You are Prego and it is damn hot here. Also, Max isd not walking but I do notice that when he is crawling which he just started, he does fuss at times and I assume it is because he is using all new baby muscles. Be easy on yourself.

Em said...

You could have been writing my post about Billy, i have put in my last post about he been so fussy. Must be their age, but yep pi**ing me off too.

They (i hope) will both grow out of it! AND SOON!!!