Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You love hearing about my teeth - right?

I had another ortho appointment yesterday. Holy crap, my teeth are throbbing today. These powerchains are really kicking my butt. I tried to eat a Hersey chocolate bar last night, but it was just too painful to eat chocolate. Too painful to eat chocolate! You know that is REALLY REALLY painful because I love me some Hersey's chocolate.

The gap between my two front teeth is officially closed. I have been pointing this out to everyone, because no-one seems to notice. And frankly, it is really pissing me off! My husband never noticed until I mentioned it. Then he told me that he liked the gap between my front teeth, which just made me question why I am even doing all of this. Of course I am doing this for ME, but John's opinion is definitely important to me. Especially what he finds attractive.

Other than that, things have been going smoothly in the braces department. After months of very little progress, my teeth are finally moving and changing. My midline on top and bottom almost matches up, which is another huge milestone. I have also noticed some improvement with my overbite. It is all very exciting!


Christina said...

Well at least I won't be a weirdo for asking! Because about 3:30 when I was up with someone last night my brain remembered your braces and then I relized you had not updated as of late on them! Wierd I am! Why my brain would think of that on no sleep beats me but glad they are going well I had mine for 5 years and got the most correction I could before I outaged the program's funding and chickening out of the final procedure to fix my jaw bone. I do remember the pain and feel for you.

kristi said...

Are you gonna post pics?

Just Jiff said...

YAY!!! I bet you look amazing. You have to show before and after photos!