Monday, October 4, 2010

What you got cooking?

Monday is baking day in Cakerwakerville. This week I made these delicious vegan pumpkin muffins. They really are some of the best pumpkin muffins I've ever tasted.

We were supposed to go apple picking again last Friday, but it rained all day. By that time, I was already craving apple crisp. Yesterday I headed to the grocery store for the ingredients. It turned out great. Of course, I topped the apple crisp with vanilla ice cream:)

This afternoon I need to bake some bread. Then we'll be set for the week!


Jenny said...

The apple crisp looks yummy!

Just Jiff said...

I need to bake because I've been in a crabby mood today.

Your stuff looks awesome! I want a muffin.

My apple crisp is a can of apples then I pour yellow cake mix on top of it, then pour liquid butter on it. Bake. :)

kristi said...

OMG, those both look goooood!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Go you! I'm not cooking shit. I'm so tired of cooking and cleaning. I'm being lazy as fuck right now and anyone who hates it can kiss my ass or cook themselves. Except my kids, I mean, I'll make them a sandwich or something if they ask.

Clare said...

you are always baking the best stuff! i love anything with pumpkin in it!!

amanda said...

yum dude.

i made a new pumpkin recipe (big surprise) yesterday and i can not stop eating it!!

i love baking. and licking the beater :)