Friday, September 17, 2010

This week and next

This week, our homeschooling adventure did not go as well as last week. My daughter seems to be under the impression that she is incredibly smart, while I am incredibly stupid. If I try to correct a mistake she is making, all hell breaks loose. She cried and whines and refuses to finish whatever project she was in the middle of doing. If she has told me once, she has told me a million times that she doesn't need my help. GAH. I swear, dealing with my 4 year old is the equivalent of working with a 13 year old. She is so damn moody.

However, I have been making some progress with Izzy. He can now successfully identify all of the letters in his name! I am so proud. My little guy isn't really very interested in learning letters or numbers, so this is HUGE for him. The best part is the proud look he gets on his face after he spells his name.

Next week is really going to be a struggle. John is going out of town, all of our friends are at preschool in the morning, and we have no money to do anything fun:( BOO!


Antropologa said...

Hey, at least you HAVE friends! (Was that guilt trip fun?)

My kid was going through a thing where she was always right, too, but she's a little better now that she is into trying to read and write and she knows I the info she wants.

Midwest Mommy said...

This is why I'm not sure I could homeschool my kids. They don't always listen to me.

amanda said...

high five on the success with izzy!!

bummer about porgie. silly girls.

hubs is out of town this week too and going out just seems like too much's to an easy week for both of us!