Thursday, September 2, 2010


The budget is super tight for the next two weeks. I wasn't expecting to have a HUGE vet bill last month, and I really didn't want to dip into savings, so we are trying to make up the difference by not spending money on anything frivolous until John's next pay period. Gah. It really sucks knowing that despite the fact that he JUST got paid, we have absolutely no money until mid-month.

Porgie starts her ballet lessons next weeks. I am excited to get back into the swing of things. This summer seems like it has dragged on FOREVER. I know that most people lament the passing of summer, but I am ready for the Fall. I am ready for temperatures below 95 degrees. I am ready for sweaters and jeans. I am ready to hear the rustling of leaves in the wind. I am ready for a change.

I have been feeling like crap lately. I have been getting bad headaches, and I have no energy. I think I need to start taking a multi-vitamin or something. I feel so depleted.

My grandmother's birthday just passed. I wrote a lengthy post about her life, but then I ended up deleting it. Her story is not mine to tell - especially on the internet. My grandmother is such a strong woman. She has experienced more heartache than I can even bear to think about. But despite her trials, she still manages to be the loveliest, sweetest, and most optimistic person I know.


amanda said...

for the record i am sure your grandmother wouldn't care if you shared her story - in fact i am sure she would be honored. but i also understand saving it for you :)

ps - sorry you haven't been feeling well...take care of you!!

Jen said...

Vet bills blow. So do car mechanic bills. Due to the latter I am also poor this pay period. How to make $38.00 last two weeks... Pahahaha. This should be interesting.

Antropologa said...

a) Money problems suck.

b) You want cold? Move to Sweden. We are already well into winter (in my opinion.) My kid had to wear MITTEN today. For Christ's sake.

c) I had headaches and I started eating a little meat and they got better. So, kill animals, feel better!

d) It's nice to have written something either way.

anymommy said...

I'm glad you wrote about your grandmother even if you don't want to publish it. It's cathartic. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Bon said...

i like what anymommy said...but truth is, i'd love to hear about your grandmother. have you ever asked her how she'd feel about you writing some of her story?

on the bills front, you have my empathy. we're making the shift to a single income, more or less, while i go to school, and yep, it blows a bit.

take good care.