Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like a Virgin

I had another orthodontist appointment last week. Holy shit, I thought the dental assistant was going to pull my damn teeth out. When taking off and putting on my powerchains, she manhandled my highly sensitive teeth. It was a nightmare. The good news this that I am FINALLY starting to see some progress!

I have noticed that a few of my gaps are slowly (very very very slowly) starting to close. Now, these aren't big dramatic changes. In fact, my husband hasn't noticed any changed at all. But I stare at my teeth in the mirror several times per day (I am a little obsessed with my teeth lately), and I have noticed some improvements. First, the gap between my two front teeth is slightly smaller. For a girl who hates her gapped teeth, this is AWESOME! Second, one of my pre-molars has rotated to the correct position. This tooth was turned at an odd angle, but it looks perfect now. And finally, my bite is feeling much better. For the past month or two, my canine tooth on the top was hitting my first pre-molar on the bottom, which prevented me from closing my teeth correctly. It was an annoying sensation. But that problem seems to have been resolved, because my bite feels normal again. YAY!

I was telling my cousin about my gap closing, and she commented that she would miss my gap. I was a little baffled. She went on to explain that my gap was like my trade mark. And then she compared me to Madonna. Ummm...I am so not Madonna. Madonna manages to have a gap and still look fabulous. All I manage to do is look retarded. So although my family might miss my gap, I can't wait to be rid of it.


Midwest Mommy said...

Seriously are you sure we aren't twins. I had a huge gap between my front teeth. My senor year in high school they filled it. I would have been in braces forever to adjust so they just filled it for me.

Antropologa said...

I had that gap, too. And I had it fixed along with a fuckton of other dental work. But it wasn't so bad. I wouldn't have gotten rid of it if it were my only thing. My grandmother (not the one I usually talk about) used to tell me, before it was fixed, some story about how if i stood at the end of a dock at night with a boy and the moon shone through the gap then it was true love. Um.

mamakalila said...

Glad things are getting better for you w/ all this. Those gaps are considered a beauty thing in Africa. I know that doesn't help/mean anything, but is always what I think of when I see them lol.

Jenn said...

I heard on The View or somewhere the other day they were talking about how gaps were all the style on the runway now or something...then in 6 months it will be something else...I say do what makes you happy! Glad to hear that you are starting to see results,sorry the helper was a rough one .

Just Jiff said...

Doesn't matter what other people think of your teeth because if YOU don't like them, you'll always be uncomfortable smiling and laughing. I am self conscious of my teeth too. They're straight but discolored.

I'm excited for you!

amanda said...

how lucky am i? a boggy friend that looks like madonna :)

happy to hear you are finally seeing some progress!