Friday, September 24, 2010

Apples, apples everywhere

Because we are busybodies over here in Cakerwakerville, we are going apple picking today. This week turned out completely different than I had imagined (but in a good way)...

1. John ended up not having to go out of town. YIPEE!
2. Our nature class was a huge success this week. No screaming like a maniac about bugs!
3. I completely forgot about the FREE blogger day at The Please Touch Museum until 2 days before. So, that was a fun mid-week activity that I hadn't considered at the start of the week.
4. We had two friends approach us about going apple picking. Get ready for apple pie pictures! And maybe even apple butter!
5. I made homemade tomato sauce with tomatoes from my garden! Why yes, I am awesome.

So, it has been a fun and busy week for me and the kiddos.

In other news, my GPS is broken. It seriously makes me never want to leave the house. I have become so dependent on that nice lady telling me where to go, and then rerouting me when (not if) I make a mistake. When I got in my car on Monday, the GPS screen was white. As I was driving the screen flickered in and out, but eventually it started to work again. On Tuesday the screen stayed white. My husband decided that he would take the GPS apart to see if there was a loose connection. At this point, I knew the GPS was as good as dead.

So, I am GPS-less and not loving it. I have to print out directions online before I leave the house. How inconvenient is that? And then I actually have to pay attention to street names. Oh the horror! Since we are on a strict budget, we are going to have to find a super duper fabulous deal on a GPS before we buy it. This could take a while, so be prepared for lots of stories where I recount getting lost in my own backyard.


Carrie said...

bummer about the GPS. Does your cell phone have one? I use mine all the time.

With your Apples, make applesauce in the crock-pot. it's so easy you will be shocked.

Clare said...

that stinks!! i actually have one but hardly use it because i think that lady is so annoying, lol, even if she is helpful!

Midwest Mommy said...

I don't think I could survive without my gps now.

amanda said...

sorry about the gps. but yay for the homemade sauce. so yummy. so much better than store bought. i don't make it enough. but when i do it makes me happy.