Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Freaking out

Our first class at the nature center was a bust. The teacher was awesome. We caught butterflies! We found caterpillars! We looked at butterfly eggs! But my daughter acted like she was completely insane. First, she cried and whined for a butterfly. After the teacher caught a butterfly and put it in her bug catcher, Porgie refused to carry it. Shortly after the tantrum about butterflies, Porgie started to freak the fuck out about every single bug she seen. If a fly landed on a tree 10 feet away from her, she let out a blood curdling scream and took off running. It was embarrassing and annoying. So, although the class was great, my child was not.

I am partly to blame for Porgie's insane attitude toward bugs. I tend to be a little over dramatic about bugs in our house - especially spiders. The worst part is that in mid-October, they will be studying spiders in her nature class. I think we might just skip that week, because I will be just as likely as Porgie (if not more) to be running around screaming like a maniac.


Just Jiff said...

Sorry she had a bad day. :(

amanda said...

i think skipping the spider class might be smart.

i sooo couldn't do the spider class.

MK said...

Aww.. hope next week goes better.

And I'd scream about the spiders too!