Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sowing Seeds

I have been in a bad mood lately. I am blaming it on the heat. It was 102 degrees yesterday. You read that correctly - ONE HUNDRED TWO DEGREES. And today is supposed to be another scorcher. My central air is having trouble keeping up with the unbearable heat. Honestly, I am having trouble keeping up with the unbearable heat. I just want to lay on the couch, drink lemonade, and read a book. Why aren't my kids more accommodating?

Although I hate the summer because of the oppressive heat, I love growing vegetables in my little garden. It almost makes summer bearable. Almost. Here is a little perview of the veggies/herbs we will be harvesting over the next few months...






We also have onions, potatoes, eggplant, and sweet peas growing. YUM! I can't wait!


Catizhere said...

When it gets this hot, just remember back to February 5th & 6th. 3 frickin feet of snow. I would rather sweat & be hot than be cold.

Jenny said...

we have the same heat...and all i want to do is lay around also!

your little garden looks amazing!

Alicia W. said...

I think we're all being punished by all this damn heat. There isn't any reason for it to be this damn hot and butsting sweat just walking to the car at 7am. Imagine what our electric bill will be... OMG!

Your garden looks great! You go girl with your green thumb self.

kristi said...

OMG hot here too! All I want to do is air up the pool and get a tan.

amanda said...

why can't they be more accommodating to our lounging with lemonade??

but you are right - our garden is truly the best thing about this summer heat. love it!

Antropologa said...

We are growing spinach, carrots, and cucumbers! Already ate a batch of spinach.

I think it's in the 60s here today.

Anonymous said...

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