Thursday, July 8, 2010

Metal Mouth

I've been having some trouble with my fucking braces. Gah. My gum is really swollen around one of my molar brackets. I brush 3-5 times everyday. I floss. I use mouthwash. I just don't get it. How are my gums swollen? Thankfully I have another Ortho appointment this afternoon, so maybe the doctor figure out the problem.

Speaking of braces, I am already sick of this evil contraption. My mouth isn't adjusting very well to all the metal. Every week or two I have a new raw spot in my mouth. I go through tons of wax. TONS. I have probably accidentally eaten at least 20 pounds of wax over the last several months. Additionally, my teeth seem to always be sensitive. Most days it still hurts to eat something has simple as a sandwich. So during my 4th month of treatment, I am still primarily eating mushy foods. It sucks.

The real kicker is that I haven't noticed any changes in my teeth yet. Everything looks almost exactly the same. I did notice that one crooked tooth straightened out, but otherwise things look almost identical to my before pictures. I know it has only been four months, but seeing a little progress would make the whole situation easier to deal with.

In summary, braces suck. Learn to like your imperfect smile.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I just finished Invisalign and I swear my very crowded bottom teeth didn't seem to change for 6 months! Once your braces are off, you'll look back at the post and laugh! You'll LOVE your beautiful smile!

Antropologa said...

Yeah, they definitely really suck, I agree. :) Just have to decide the results will be worth it!

I remember the wax. Ugh.

I still don't understand your problems exactly, but are you going to have a permanent retainer? I do and it's great. No moving teeth ever again!

amanda said...

o the good ole days of swallowing wax and eating mushy food...such fond memories!

it will be worth it - promise.

until then eat more ice cream.