Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cat piss is ruining my life

We have cats. To be exact, we have three cats. Three horrible, disgusting, pissy fur balls.

A cat (or possibly cats) is pissing on the floor beside our furnace. The lovely furnace sends pissy fumes throughout my house every time the air conditioning kicks on. When you walk into my house, the smell of cat piss hits you in the face.

I cleaned the floor with soap and water. The next day it was pissy again. I sprayed the floor with expensive chemicals. The next day it was pissy again.

Because my house smells like piss all the damn time, I have been a little crabby lately. Just ask my husband. John keeps suggesting really stupid things to fix the problem. For example, he suggested moving the litter boxes next to the furnace. This confirmed my suspicion that he is a complete moron. I have much better solution. I think we should box up all the cats and leave them on the front steps of the animal shelter.

I am kidding. Kind of.

Fucking cats.


Midwest Mommy said...

That would make me flip out. I have dogs what annoys me beyond belief is they go on the couch at night or when we aren't home. The HAIR and the smell from the dogs being on here kills me. I regularly steam clean my couch but then it just smells like wet dog.

MK said...

I'm so sorry! Mumble started doing that when she got bit by the spider and it hasn't completely worked itself out... Oxiclean followed by vinegar and baking soda does the trick, but if therés an underlying problem it'll continue anyway.

Jeninacide said...

Cat piss is the WORST!! I totally hate cats. I have one cat right now, and I hate him.

Mama Marshmallow said...

Ugh, cat pee, does stink. Our dog was peeing in the house and I was obsessed with getting rid of the stench. I was always cranky until we realized she was staying in the house too much and couldn't hold it!

Antropologa said...

My mom's cat did the weirdest thing this week. I had bought a pair of socks and they were still beign held together by a piece of cardboard and he pissed all over the whole thing. Guess he didn't like the aromatherapy effect.

amanda said...

uhm that is gross.

seriously sorry.