Thursday, May 27, 2010

Night Owl

My daughter has suddenly started refusing her nap. Instead of sleeping, I routinely hear her "reading" books, singing songs, and talking to her imaginary friends. Which is fine, because mommy is still getting a much needed mid-day break from the kids.

Today I noticed that her bedroom light was on during nap time. I popped my head in and was greeted by a toddler running around her bedroom like a wild monkey. I asked her to get back in bed, but I didn't make a huge stink about her nap-time escapade. Well, tonight I noticed that her bedroom light was on again. I opened the door and found my daughter snuggled up in her rocking chair singing Roy G. Biv, while looking at a pictures of a rainbow. It was beyond adorable, but I explained that it was time to go to sleep, put her back in bed, and turned off her light. At 10pm (yes, you read that correctly - TEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT), I noticed that her bedroom light was on once again. I walked in and found her playing in her toy box. Rinse and repeat.

She is such an independent little thing. On one hand it is adorably cute that she gets out of bed, turns on the light, and plays independently in her room. Yet on the other hand, no three-year-old should be up playing at 10pm. Go to bed stinker!


Jeninacide said...

I think it's fine. Maybe she will sleep later this way? My son TYPICALLY goes to bed between 8 and 9 but sometimes not until 10 or 11 (I know, we are NOT so structured)... I actually like the nights he goes to bed a little later because it means I can wake up and work out or SLEEP IN a little uninterrupted.

Just Jiff said...

hahaha! Well, like you said, at least you're getting a break from the kiddos.

Might not be too bad a thing if she sleeps in, of course Izzy has to cooperate too and sleep in with her.

amanda said...

is it sad that i am truly considering leaving beans in her crib forever just to avoid this??

Antropologa said...

Wow, I'm not even sure my kid knows what a rainbow IS!