Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reasoning with a nearly 4 year old...

Today I suggested to the kids that we eat lunch on our deck. Porgie decided that this was a subpar plan, and suggested that we eat in the front yard instead. The following conversation ensued...

Porgie: "Let's eat lunch in the front yard!"
Me: "But we don't have anywhere to sit."
Porgie: "We can sit at my Elmo table!"
Me: "But I don't feel like carrying your Elmo table outside."
Porgie: "I'll help you!"
Me: "But we don't have an umbrella to keep the sun out of our eyes."
Porgie: "I'll wear my sun visor!"
Me: "Okay."

She's got an answer for everything. It is easier to just go along with her crazy plans.


amanda said...

some days it truly isn't worth the fight is it friend :)

antropologa said...

I know. This morning mine convinced me to give her candy and leftover veggie meatballs for breakfast.

Jenny said...

they just have a way of convincing us don't they?

Just Jiff said...

Sometimes the best moments of our lives are the ones we don't want to initially go along with.

I bet you had a fabulous time!