Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pooping charts

I often take pride in the things my children know how to do. Not because I think they are genius babies, but because I think I have awesome parenting skills. I am a total narcissist. However, my children have been teaching me (slowly) that individual personality often plays a much bigger role than my fabulous parenting skills.

I started potty training both of my children in January. My nearly 4 year old daughter is still wearing a diaper. My two year old is completely potty trained. He doesn't even pee in his diaper at night. Although I would like to take credit for his mad potty skillz, I cannot. He just decided that he wanted to wear underwear one day, and he has never looked back. He actually cries when I make him wear a diaper during bedtime. I am baffled, because I have no idea how to potty train my wayward daughter. The girl loves sitting in her own waste.
At this rate, my daughter is going to be shitting in her pants FOREVER. And I certainly don't take any pride in that.


Bon said...

yeh, i used to take pride in how well-behaved Oscar was most of the time. then Josephine came along. she's a thrower. i swear to god she wants to play baseball. with everything in sight.

on the potty front, i got nothing to offer but love & hope. heck, at least one's out of diapers?


MK said...


Kalila doesn't seem to mind sitting in it either :-( I was just excited today when she had an accident while naked and cleaned herself up. A step in the right direction maybe? :-/

Natalie said...

Right there with you...Tater doesn't mind the waste either. This morning he pooped for the first time in the potty. Later, he wanted the diaper. I don't understand it!

antropologa said...

I don't know what to tell you about Porgie, except that I'm sure...someday...she will want to be potty-trained. As for Izzy, hooray!

Clare said...

i love that picture of the two charts...someday you will look back on it and laugh!! she will get there;)

Just Jiff said...

Bayley is 2 and I'm dreading potty training. We're nowhere close yet.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I know the feeling. I mean, we don't have those issues per se, but my effin son is a royal pain in my ass with things lately. He's so much further behind than my daughter in so many areas right now. Yet, so ahead in others. I know... don't compare. MY ASS.

Jenny said...

way to go on the mad parenting skills!
it gives me hope that i will be able to train my little man soon!

amanda said...

stupid pooping charts.

sorry friend. one of these days i promise she will just do it. in the potty that is :)

ps - you know i am not knocking your pooping charts right?

misguidedmommy said...



haaaaa that is fucking hilarious.

i love it when you cuss