Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shit heads

Okay, so it is official. My kids won't poop on the potty. Izzy woke up 3 or 4 times last night screaming "POOP!" I took him to the bathroom every time, but he never pooped. By 5am, I was at my wits end. He was wearing a diaper. If he didn't want to poop on the potty, why didn't he just go in his diaper? I am totally confused.

Fortunately, he is uber cute. Otherwise, I might have dropped him off the on the side of a road somewhere.

And Porgie? Well, she is the most stubborn little kid I have ever met. Last night she kept asking me to put a diaper on her, which means that she wanted to poop in her diaper. I refused, and she threw a fit of epic proportions. She screamed for about an hour, but I didn't cave. And honestly, I am not sure I did the right thing. She has been holding it in for 3 days. That is a long time.

Gah. I just wish this would come easily. I hate that every new developmental phase seems like a struggle. Honestly, I would almost prefer that they just shit in their underwear. I loathe the waiting and worrying game that we are currently playing.

It may seem like I am floundering, but don't count me out yet. I have a plan, which involves flax seed oil and prunes. Of course, this is probably going to end very badly. Be expecting pictures of my living room covered in shit.


Midwest Mommy said...

I have heard a teaspoon of karo syrup does the trick within a few minutes.

Jenny said...

OMGoodness! Your title totally is too funny! I am there with Midwest Mommy...I have used karo syrup for Will when he couldn't go. It works.
My sister did tell me that my niece would do the same thing about holding it. Its like they think the poop is part of them or somethng?! She finally ended up going but cried when it happened. We have got the potties but Will has showed no interest.
Good Luck!

Nellie said...

God girl I am laughing at your expense. Not nice I know, but you and your kids crack me up! Hoping your poop problems are over soon!

Antropóloga said...

As you know my kid has been having her poop issues now for A YEAR AND A HALF so I certainly understand your frustration.

Just Jiff said...

If you want them to poop, give them apple juice. It's a natural laxative and isn't harsh on their systems. Bayley has apple juice everyday because as an infant she was always constipated. I tried karo syrup and numerous other things suggested to me, but what works best is apple juice. And it makes you pee a lot too. :)

As for potty training, Bayley is starting to show signs and thankfully I have her at daycare all day so I don't have to do most of the work. I never thought I'd be so thankful for daycare. lol.

I've heard of people putting their kids in the bathroom naked and putting up a babygate so they can't get out. They have to stay in the bathroom all day until they pee and poop in the potty. They get stickers and m&m's for every hour without an accident on the floor.

That sounded a bit extreme to me at first, but hey... if it works, then it works! Every kid is different and what works for one doesn't work for another.

Good luck!!

Mama Kalila said...

Sorry! Those are cute pictures though :-)

Clare said...

i wish the would just go for you! that has to be so frustrating, don't give up though!

Chandra said...

First timer here. A friend told me I should read your blog since we apparantely have the same problems...aaaand she was right.
I am going through the EXACT same thing with my 3 yr old right now. He would poop in his diaper no problem, we transitioned him to the toilet and he was doing quite well until this week. He was going 4 days with no poop but everytime he got the urge, he would start to cry "it hurts, it hurts Mommy"...AAAAHHHHH!!! I gave in and gave him a pediaenema...within five minutes he had the BIGGEST poop, no wonder he couldn't go.
My other son...that's a whole other story....
Good luck with everthing..hope it all "comes out" in the end. (really, no pun intended).

allykat said...

My son is five and half and the potty thing was a nightmare. I only wanted him to go on the toilet. You know while sitting on the ring. Well, they got him pee trained at his day care which was great but he wouldn't pee much for us at home and there was no poo happening in the toilet, only his pants. And he wouldn't care either - he'd just let it stay in there and keep playing! Finally, when he was three and half, I got out the potty chair (most disgusting thing ever) and took him to Target. When he saw a big fire engine he wanted, I told him if he pooped in the potty chair I'd get it for him. It worked! He pooped one evening and we immediately went to Target and got the damn toy. He pooped in that potty most of time from then on. By the time he was 4 - 4 1/2 he had it down. So, a big bribe worked for me. He wouldn't poo for m & m's. Save your pennies for Target!

amanda said...

a) holy crap

b) he really is super cute

c) this is exactly why i don't even want to try!! EVER. i swear i am just going to let her decide one day that it's time and bingo potty training over.

d) stop laughing.

Rachel said...

OMG-your kids are so funny and well yes, I have many friends who have kids who hold poop-be happy-my kid has NO INTEREST in the potty at all..OH poor you with getting up in the middle of the night again for POOP calls. Yes, I would have been tired and frustrated too!!