Saturday, January 9, 2010

Teeth and Swagbucks

I feel like I have been harping and harping about Swagbucks, but seriously YOU HAVE TO START USING SWAGBUCKS. It is free money! And it is easy. Super duper easy. And no, they don't pay me to talk excessively about their site. I do this on my own, because I like saving money/getting shit for free.

As of today, I have earned $40 in free Amazon gift cards. I intend to keep saving my gift cards until next Christmas. By then, hopefully I'll have enough to purchase our Christmas gifts for FREE. Can you imagine a Christmas without credit card bills? Well next year, that is going to be my reality. And it can be your reality too.

Currently, I have an obsession with coupons and earning extra money. I think this obsession stems from the guilt I feel about all of my upcoming dental work. From start to finish, it will cost almost $20,000. You read that correctly - $20,000. I am going in for dental surgery at the end of January. And the outrageous bills are going to be rolling in by the end of February. I am working on a post to explain the extent of my dental problems. Be expecting that soon.

Anyways, I am trying to contribute where I can to help defray the cost of my dental work. And the Swagbucks program allows me to accomplish this goal. Referring new people to Swagbucks is a great way for me to earn extra points. So, if you do decide to sign up, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up through a link on this page. If you want more information on the program this is a great link.

Okay, I'll stop posting about Swagbucks for awhile. I promise. John says my only topics of conversation are Swagbucks and teeth. Now if I could just get Swagbucks to pay for my upcoming dental surgery...


Mama Kalila said...

:-) I like it too... I'm working my way towards $15 on giftcards at the moment, a bit behind you lol. Every little bit helps though right?

Jeninacide said...

Hmm I think I will just have to go sign up for some SWAGBUCKS.

Bummer on your poor, expensive teeth!

Antropóloga said...

I don't blame you for being obsessed with the teeth and money issues! They're big ones.

amanda said...

for the record you are worth every cent of the 20k :)

i've missed u friend!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Care if I steal this post like almost word for word? LOL. I am sooo digging this Swagbucks. THANKS for getting me hooked!!!!!!