Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In my head

I used to be crafty. I used to crochet lots of stuff. But lately, I just haven't been feeling it. Crocheting is a chore. Something I dread doing. And don't even get me started on scrapbooking. I haven't added even one photo since Izzy's first birthday. Have I mentioned that he is almost two?

I have gotten into the habit of making dessert. It all started with a raspberry chocolate cake. Then I become obsessed with pudding. For the past 2 weeks, I have been baking and eating rum pudding cake. I figured that since the chocolate cake and pudding were so good, then combining the two must be heavenly. And it was. But now that I have had my fun, it is time to wean myself off desserts. I am going to miss you Chocolate Rum Pudding Cake. You were the best after dinner companion I ever had.

Weird question - does anyone else take their laptop into the bathroom with them? I used to read magazines in the bathroom, but now I play on my laptop. I told my husband that instead of having a magazine rack beside the toilet, we should have a docking station. Good idea - right?

I got a paper cut yesterday. Holy guacamole - it really, really hurts. The cut is on the tip of my index finger, so it hurts to type. See how much I love you? I am willing to hurt myself to blog for you.

My cousin is coming to NJ for Izzy's birthday. I am so excited! Although we talk on the phone every week, we haven't seen each other since last Christmas. I hate that we can't see each other more often, but traveling is so expensive.

I have become obsessed with saving money. I am reading several blogs on frugality. I search for coupons continuously. And I avoid going to the store, because I don't want to spend money. I never knew that saving money could be addictive.

Speaking of saving money, Christmas is fast approaching and I am looking for frugal gifts. Do you have an ideas for cheap, easy, and fun gift ideas? Most of these gifts would have to be shipped, so baking is not an option. Thanks!


amanda said...

i want to be crafty. i love dessert. i have on occasion taken my laptop in to the bathroom. guilty. sorry bout the paper cut. wish i was with you on the saving money thing. although pretty sure when we balance the budget next week i will be grounded :)

MommyGeek said...

SO yeah I've totally taken my laptop. But I've got a super fun phone so I usually take that. Yes! Tmobile G1! Android! Sexy! (is that greek to you?)

Eva said...

My husband takes the computer in the bathroom. Now I know he is not alone in this. Actually I have never been able to figure out what people need entertainment in there for. I'm in, I'm out.

Scrapbooks blow. I can make those Walmart memory books okay though.

Midwest Mommy said...

Yes, the laptop has joined me in the bathroom, lol

Mama Kalila said...

ROFL - Seriously had to laugh when I saw the laptop bathroom bit... Why? My husband is in there w/ his RIGHT NOW....

That cake sounds sooooooooo good. Recipe? Please? I keep intending to make one desert a week, but cooking has taken a nose dive lately. Came back last night though and I'm hoping I'll be back to that soon.

I haven't been so crafty lately either. I like that scrapblog thing because its a cheaper version of scrapbooking and no mess... but I have to find time for it.

Understood on the money thing too... I was doing that a lot too awhile back, but lately haven't been keeping up with the blogs/coupons/sales as much. But at the same time I've become a lot more comfortable with the whole process and budgeting more strictly than I had before... so I'm not having to do that as much if that makes sense.

Will come back if have any ideas about gifts... I was gonna say baking until you mentioned the shipping bit... although I think cookies can be shipped if you put them in tins lol.

Amanda said...

My husband goes to the toilet with both his computer and mobile phone. Every single day!
Me?? I've done it a time or two too...:-)