Thursday, October 15, 2009

I might take this post down later. Too embarassing.

I am seriously considering some major dental work, which will cost a small fortune. This is stuff I should have had done when I was a kid, but unfortunately I grew up in the ghetto. Poor kids don't go to the dentist - at least not in my family. So now, as I rapidly approach the age of thirty, I am finally thinking about fixing my teeth - braces and the whole nine yards. When I met with the orthodontist, I was shocked. I had no idea that braces cost so much. I thought they would be about $3,000. They cost DOUBLE that amount. And then I have some other issues too, which will also be very, VERY pricey.

Although John has happily agreed to go along with my plan to fix my teeth, I am feeling incredibly guilty. I am not working. This is going to be a huge strain on our budget. Will we be able to afford it? Will he resent me for being such a financial burden?

The only good news is that many of these things will be done in small steps over time, so the cost will be spread out over years. Currently, I have to have a crown placed on one of my molars. Then I need to see a dental surgeon about my congenitally missing molars (I still have 4 baby molars in the back of my mouth).

I have to admit, this process is horribly embarrassing for me. Even writing this post is embarrassing. I cried after my consulation with the orthodontist. I feel incredibly stupid for having all these problems as an adult. These problems should have been corrected when I was a kid. But, if I am actually going to go through with this process, I am going to need a place to vent and complain and cry about my stupid teeth. I am going to need you, my dear readers.


Midwest Mommy said...

Honestly I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about. Two of my friends had braces put on in the last two years. Go for it!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

There was an article on the other day about dental care being elevated to a status symbol...'cause YEAH you have to be able to afford the care!
My sis had major work and braces (no insurance) at nearly forty. You can't wipe the grin off her face these days. Go for it! Nothing to be embarrassed about.

Nicole S. said...

Oh, don't worry about us - we won't judge you! I hardly ever went to the dentist as a kid - maybe 4-5 times total, when my mom randomly had dental coverage for us. I am lucky to not have many problems but as an adult, its hard for me to get in the habit opf going to the dentist even though I have a very generous dental plan through my husband's insurance.

The braces will be off before you know it. And the results will be amazing!! Having a new smile is more than worth it. You deserve it, too!

Carrie said...

Go for it Girl! There is nothing to be ashamed about. I long for braces. I had a bianator to correct my overbite, but my father got laid-off when it was time for braces, so none for me.

Tracey said...

I would say get the work done! My mom had hers done AFTER all four of us kids were through our own braces. And how's this - when I took my eight-year-old for an initial consultation with an orthodontist about two months ago, the orthodontist (at least in his fifties) had braces on his own teeth!!

dani said...

i, at 40, am planning on getting braces next year, christy... i've gone to the dentist regularly since i was 4 and had perfect teeth until my early 20's when my wisdom teeth started wreaking havoc!!!
i had all of them surgically removed, but not before the damage had already been done:/
i think you should do it!!! a healthy smile will save you in the long run:))) and we can get new "grills" together, lmao!!!
much love,
dani xxx

Mama Kalila said...

Nothing to be embarrassed about. I know plenty of adults who've had to do major work. One of my cousins had to have all her teeth pulled & dentures done in her mid twenties. Unfortunately that side of my family has major teeth problems running in it. I got lucky and was able to get most of mine done as a teen (not sure how we afforded it honestly because half the time we didn't have food around... I think my mom used her grant money from school) but I know I still need work... My thing is it scares me. I hate needles.

amanda said...

a) don't take it down

b) seriously it's your teeth - do it. don't "worry" about the money - you and i worry too much. remember??

c) and pretty sure it was me who had braces at the worst time. EVER!! hello freshman year of college! i had this bite plate thing. sooo gross. actually i had no idea how bad it was till years later when hubby and my mom were talking about how lucky i was that hubby stayed with me. i guess it was pretty stinky :(

d) the best thing about braces? after they tighten them - you can only eat kfc mashed potatoes. and baby food.

e) it's not like you are paying six grand for new boobs - it's your teeth dude!!

f) although not judging people who get new boobs. bc one day i might just want to be one of those people.

Eva said...

Oh well don't be embarrassed. It's genetic! And it's very nice to have good teeth. You use them all the time, after all. Good luck.

Pamela Waterman said...

If you can spread out the payments, go for it! I had braces last year at age 53 - I had a huge gap right between my lower front teeth. I realized that it wasn't so visible when I smiled, but it was really obvious when I talked - guess I just didn't talk to myself in the mirror enough to know for a long time ;-). It was funny feeling like a teen again - really, I loved the smiles I got, especially from teens themselves! We had all three of our daughters in braces before this (at one point, one was in full-time retainers, one had regular braces and one had a phase-one expander! So, after they were paid off it finally became my turn, and my husband was very supportive. Mine cost about $4,000 because I didn't need major work, but the orthodontist gave me a discount for taking all of my appointments between 9 and 3, because that freed up his late afternoons for school kids. You might ask about that. I'm *so* happy I had it done! My only advice is, after they're off, wear your retainer at night forever!! It's a no-brainer and keeps everything from shifting after all the hard work. Best wishes! Oh, and there's good info on lots of choices in soft foods and recipes for tender teeth at the website of the American Association of Orthodontists, at, under recipes (they really aren't just for kids at all).

Amber said...

You want to know something? My parents have spend $1000 in the last 6 weeks on dental work for me, sucks big time :( I got a root canal year and a half ago couldn't afford a crown, my tooth broke and had to go get a temporary filling while we hold off on a dental implant. Which costs $4000 and I have no insurance which is just so lovely, not! So yeah having dental problems as an adult totally sucks!

Just Jiff said...

nothing to be embarassed about! My teeth are awful too, but at some point its up to YOU to fix them. :) So YAY YOU for going for it. :) And don't feel guilty. You ARE working... you save your family thousands of dollars a month on daycare. And you take care of those little sweeties, that's more job than your hubby does, I assure you.

MommyGeek said...

I have horrible teeth problems, things I've ignored or avoided out of fear and the cost. I have almost $10K of work to be done at the last estimate... my last dentist appointment was over a year ago. I haven't done any of it. I'm terrified. :(

I totally get this. I'm sorry you have to go through it!