Friday, May 30, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 15

As predicted, both of my babies caught John's cold. It didn't seem to adversely affect Porgie, but little Izzy has been miserable. He has been waking up 50 times per night and crying all day long. Because of his sour disposition, I was positive that he had another ear infection. However, the doctor said that his ears looked great. I hope his cold passes quickly, or I am going to go INSANE.

The sidewalk chalk is ruining my life. Porgie asks to go outside to color approximately 722 times per day. When I tell her "no," she has a temper tantrum. Over the past two days, I have had to listen to at least 8 different temper tantrum over that damn chalk. It is enough to drive a sane woman crazy.

I am about to make a test cake for Porgie's birthday party. If you remember last year's test cake, things did not go so well. Wish me luck!

My friend K's little boy drew all over her wallpaper with an ink pen. She decided to clean the wall with carpet stain remover. It didn't clean the ink off the wall, but it did remove the print off the wallpaper. So, now she has blue wallpaper with a big white spot. Oh, and of course the ink pen marks. So, do you have any suggestions to help her clean the mess, without further damaging the wallpaper?

We went to the park this morning, and it was freaking HOT. I fear that summer, with it's sweltering heat and humidity, is returning. I do not like to sweat - especially at 10 am. I need to move to Antarctica or something. Damn stupid summer.

I hate my hair. The color has faded, my layers have grown out, and Izzy thinks it is just another toy to yank on. If it wasn't for society and gender roles, I would just shave my damn head. Hair is overrated.

Izzy is off solids. He was just not cooperating (he didn't want to open his mouth). So, I decided that he isn't ready for solids yet. We'll try again in a few weeks.

Did you know that your toddler can have 452 crayons on the table, and if one is missing, she'll know?


Marni Tiani Self said...

Ha ha ha.... you crack me up!!

No idea on the wallpaper. My kids never notice crayons are missing.

Hang in with the colds and heat. It will only get worse before it gets better... sorry to break the bad news. lol

I love your blog. :)

Amanda said...

Hang in there!!!
My kids are all sick with the cold too and the little one coughs until he vomits. Lovely, eh?
Is it an understatement saying that the big chalk is a hit?!
Sounds like the wallpaper is totally ruined:(
Move to Scotland if you hate hot summers!!!

Take Care, Love Amanda xx

THopgood said...

hey, hey, HEY!!! Do NOT complain about summer! Summer is a sacred time of year. Sweat is good for the soul!! =)

Chas said...

Did she try the Magic Eraser? Those things seem to work pretty well. If it were me I'd use it as an excuse to strip the wallpaper...but I'm not a fan of wallpaper, so this might not be a good idea for her.

Mama Kalila said...

Hope they get better soon!

Dana said...

I hope you get over the colds quickly....

Eva said...

Tell her about the Magic Eraser! That thing is amazing. Or just see if she has some replacement for part of the wallpaper (the original owners of my house left a ton in the attic).

Rachel said...

First-you can meet me at the nj aquarium anytime this summer or please touch-both air conditioned. I have passes for both.


Yes, my whole family had that cold and it sucked. I was going insane with a fussy me and a fussy toddler and a fussy hubby.

Yes, it was hot today-do you ever let porgie play with water and bowls and cups outside? may take her away from the cullies.

amanda said...

the problem with these is that i want to comment on almost every thought!!

sorry. but here goes (not that you care)...

-sorry bout the sickness. please don't go insane. i would miss you.

- stupid cullies.

- really a test cake? u r good!

- i wanted winter to end sooo badly but seriously i think i want it back. i don't do sweat period.

- hair really is overrated. i am going to try and get mine fixed again tomorrow.

- i kinda wish beans wasn't into solids. sticky, sweaty food covered baby - come on!!

ok that is all :)

Misguided Mommy said...

codi wont do solids either. he's like hey fuck you mom and purses his little lips together.

codi got my husbands cold and the first two nights he was waking up 100 times being a shit. finally i came up with a remedy. right before bed i do an orajel dose, some saline, then a deep booger sucking, then a dose of tylenol and he sleeps in four hour spurts instead of 15 second spurts!

cake, yes please

EdgyK said...

I heard the magic eraser is great. I hardly ever clean my kids wall art. I leave it there a long time and just wait till I am ready to repaint the room. If I clean it they just do it again. If I leave it there it just takes all the fun out of it. Oh, and I am lazy.

Danielle said...

I hope Izzy is feeling better soon! You are too funny. Sorry about the chalk debacle. And yes my K students will go crazy about their crayons- so don't expect this behavior to go away!

Bon said...

you have instilled in me a very serious fear of sidewalk chalk now, Christy.

and a desire for cake. please send test cake my way, even if it sucks.

and...why are our kids always sick? why?

Lainey-Paney said...

Note to self: do NOT buy sidewalk chalk.

Did your friend try a magic eraser by mr clean? i have no idea if it will work, but i would have tried it....your poor friend.

kristi said...

I totally understand. I have searched for the "purple truck" transformer car for hours....that is why I now hide things.

Danielle said...

I am in Lopatcong-near Easton, PA. We are like 1 1/2 from eachother I think. BOO!

Not So Perfect said...

-Hope you all are feeling better soon.

-I can't quit laughing about "the cake."

-Yes, we have the same problem with sidewalk chalk. I have hid it, "out of site (sp?) out of mind" this works about 50% of the time because she knows where I hid them.

-Magic Eraser takes most everything off the walls.

-I wish you could give us some of that heat