Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 14

We are very busy over here in Cakerwakerville. Next week, I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon, Porgie has her 2 year well visit, and Izzy has his 6 month well visit. The following week we will be celebrating Porgie's 2nd birthday. In addition to her party, I want to take her somewhere fun - like the zoo or the aquarium. The week after that, Porgie and Izzy will have their pictures taken professionally, Porgie will see a pediatric cardiologist, and Izzy will be going back to the GI doctor. When I think about all of our appointments, my head spins.

John is sick. I have been running around the house spraying Lysol on everything he touches. I know that the babies are going to get sick, and it is going to make the next few hectic weeks even HARDER.

Porgie has been having some temper tantrums lately. Up until this point, she has always been a very easy going child. But now, she screams and throws objects on the floor in a fit of rage. It is adorable and annoying all at the same time.

I finally mailed all of those handmade gifts to my blogger friends. Here is a picture of my craftiness...__________

Speaking of craftiness, I am thinking about signing up for a local craft fair. I want to sell scarfs, baby afghans, pot holders, coasters, etc. The only problem is, I am not sure I'll have the time or the energy to make these things. I am still on the fence about whether or not to sign up.

Izzy hasn't been nursing much lately. He is down to about 4 nursing during the day. This wouldn't bother me, except that he only wants to nurse for about 5 minutes at each of these feedings. He is only getting about an ounce of food at lunch time, so I am positive that he is not filling up on solids. Maybe it's teething? I try not to worry because he is such a chunky little guy, but of course, I still worry.


Amanda said...

Youv'e got a hectic time ahead of you with all those appointments!
How are you doing after getting the gallbladder out?
Don't you just love the terrible
2's ! Not. My wee one can have a temper tantrum or 2 at a drop of the hat!
I love the scarf's. Like the green one. It's my fav colour. You have got the talent, so if you do have the time, go for it at the craft fair!
You never stop worrying about them, do you? It's a Mum right!

Love Amanda x

Jeninacide said...

Cole has been cutting down on breastfeedings too. He definitely nurses for shorter periods of time and less often. I think it's just that age- at around 6 months they become more interested in OTHER FOOD. Or maybe it's teething. I really have no idea what I am talking about btw.

Dana said...

sounds like a crazy time for you! you'll make it through..

love the scarves... so very cute - i want one, lol..

Mommy Mechanics said...

Great job on the scarfs!

Marni Tiani Self said...

What about making a ton of cool things and THEN considering if you need more and if you want to sign up to do it?

Good luck with the hectic life.

I'll send over good thoughts on the kids not getting sick. Have you heard of Zicam? It works wonders too. I give my kids a half a tablet and it kicks their colds quicker than quick!

amanda said...

uhm wow - u r a one busy lady!!

and pretty sure i didn't get a beautiful handmade gift in my mailbox?? what's up with that??

tee hee :)

i love that you said porgie being two is adorable and annoying all at the same time.

and the feeding thing? seriously could i call you?? we have much to talk about!! we are dealing with the same nursing issues on this end and i have no clue what to do??

ps - hope john feels better and keeps his germs to himself :)

Mama Kalila said...

Wow - you're gonna be busy!!!

Sorry he's sick, hope he gets better soon...

The scarves are pretty...

Sorry about the fit throwing... I'll trade you though, my husband was throwing fits last night! Babies I can handle, grown men should know better!

Kalila's cut down a bit too.. but hers is just going down to longer stretches in between feedings. Sometimes she eats 5 or 10 min sometimes over half an hour.. that hasn't really changed lol. From what I've read the 5 min thing can be perfectly normal.. even if it causes us worry lol. The main advice I've seen about it though, is count diapers (as always, same advice lol) and if more than 5 then no worries he's def getting enough.

THopgood said...

You are a busy busy woman! I agree with Marni....make the stuff and THEN decide! Love the scarves by the way.

PS...the worrying never stops.

Carrie said...

Oh you put me to shame! Mine are still in pieces on my to-be-sewed pile!