Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Saturday from hell

Saturday started out like any other day, but quickly turned sour. Around 10:00 am we went to Circuit City to purchase a new laptop (By the way, I am in LOVE with my new computer). On the way to the store, I began feeling lots of pressure in my vagina. Honestly, it felt like Izzy was trying to push his way out. When I got out of the car, the sensation got worst. Additionally, I was having horrible back pain. I told John that I didn't feel well, and encouraged him to hurry. Although we were only in the store for about 20 minutes, I felt like I was going to pass out. The pain was terrible.

When we got home I tried to rest, but my back hurt too badly. It hurt to lay down, it hurt to sit up, and it hurt to stand. Although I typically have to pee approximately 52 times per day, the extreme pressure in my vagina made me feel like I had to pee ALL the time.

As the day progressed, the pain persisted. It didn't really get worse, but it was constant. Around noon, I also developed a pretty bad case of diarrhea. I started worrying that I was going into premature labor. On several occasions, I considered going to the hospital. The thing that stopped me was the fact that I wasn't having contractions and that Izzy was being very active.

By 7:00 pm, I was laying on the couch in agony. I realized that I would not be able to sleep with all the pain I was experiencing. Obviously this wasn't normal - I needed to go to the hospital. I started trying to think of someone who could watch Porgie.

But as quickly as the pain started, it stopped. Out of nowhere, the back pain and vaginal pressure were gone. By 8:00 pm, I felt like my normal self again. The rest of the night was fairy uneventful. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I felt really good - better than I have felt in weeks.

I have no idea what happened, but I have a theory. I think Izzy moved into some weird position, that did not agree with my body. All I really know is that the thought of premature labor is scary shit, and I am glad my little guy decided not to make an early entrance.


Eva said...

Ooh. That sounds very alarming. This is the time of pregnancy that is rife with panic and surprise. I'm glad it turned out okay!

Em said...

Glad your ok, thats scary shit!

Rachel said...

Oh sounds like some intense IZZY MOVING DOWN!! I had a few of those before I went into labor and I did not feel good. SO MUCH PRESSURE!! I am so excited for your new computer. I promise-Max and I will take a trip to come see your new family. Take it easy momma.

Mary said...

I'm so happy you are okay and that it all passed!